Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

An interesting week - finally!  More spring-like with some definite warmth that has helped all the plant life.

The maple buds are decidedly fluffy.  The branch I chose is  farther down the tree so that I can photograph the twigs easier.  The buds on the tree top are almost out.  

But, look at what's happened this week.  The copper beech chrysalis has split.  The leaf will be able to grow much better now. 

The warm weather has also brought out the forsythia.

And even the Canada geese are honking their way north this morning.  Although, we did have an hour of snow drifting down on Friday.  Then, the old March lion said:  "OK, I'm leaving; little lamb, it's your turn."  And the clouds blew away, the sun shone and everyone came out to play. 


Mimi said...

I wish the weather here would listen to your lion! Or maybe that lion came over here?
Love those maple leaves, and isn't forsythia just like a trumpet call of spring's arrival!

Susan Kane said...

Love seeing your trees heralding spring!


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