Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Stash

I'm going to press my luck and say that spring is here - again!  Even when you don't live through horrible winter storms with snow and freezing temperatures, winter is still a dreary seson.  Here, it is endless gray days, often with rain.  So, I have been happy to knit through the rain with this happy reminder of - not just spring - but actual summer. 

The yarn is such a happy color that I'm not even complaining about having to slog through rows and rows of 285 stitches to get to the top.  I'm calling this cardi - and don't they all need names? - Waiting for Nelly.  And here is the reason...

This is Nelly Moser and she is my favorite clematis.  I love her spunk as well as her beauty.  This clematis was a tiny vine that only who struggled just to push out some leaves for several years.  Then I transplanted her and this is how she repays me for the kindness.  I can't wait to have these flowers in my sweater wardrobe.  Head down...keep knitting.


Mimi said...

Your Nelly Moser is beautiful! I've never had any luck with clematis, it just gives me leaves. Love the colour of those flowers.
As you know, winter here is much the same as yours, and it gets to your very bones after a while. So it's nice to knit something bright and cheery. It will be ready for "summer" too, a bonus!

Rudee said...

Well both Nellys look worth the wait!

Happy Knitting!

Empty Nester said...

I'm not a fan anything purple but I do love the color of this cardi- it really does match the flowers beautifully. And I'm always a fan of the things you create!


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