Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

This week everything in nature has taken advantage of the warm sunshine and burst out in spring-time glory.  All except my two trees.

The maple continues its slow growth.  I can imagine that the bud has become bigger but I'm probably doing just that: imagining.

The chrysalis that will become a copper beech leaf is showing a wider crack...maybe.  Both photos were taken yesterday in the afternoon light.  I did check quickly this morning to see if there were any dramatic changes.  Not. 

However, that doesn't mean that there is no flash in our springtime.  These are my two favorite signs of spring: the dandelion (favorite flower ever);  and my favorite bird:

the red-winged blackbird. This guy is only a year old so he doesn't have the spectacular red and yellow coloring on his wings yet.  But he can sing just like his daddy.  His song is so thrilling to hear as he perches on a reed or a twig.  If I were a lady blackbird I would certainly be impressed. 


Mimi said...

My first reaction was that your tree buds had grown...for what that's worth.
Wow, what a dandelion picture! My Mum used to make a remedy for jaundice that had dandelion milk (ugh!) in it...years after I discovered that milk thistle remedy sold in health shops for liver complaints is dandelion! It was unpalatable but it worked really well.
I love the bird photo, singing his little heart out!
Happy Easter!

Lisa Southard said...

I like a bit of dandelion in a salad! The copper beech is a beautiful tree :-)

Susan Kane said...

The buds are inching/centimetering their way along! I have been doing the same with my lilacs. I've also been praying over them.

Angie said...

Methinks they have grown a little bit! I do miss the songs of birds I heard in the UK. Just the laugh of a Kookaburra here yesterday.

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

Beautiful pictures, looking forward to spring. Happy Easter :)
With love

Anonymous said...

When I saw dandeloins the other day, I thought you'd be happy.

Inger said...

How nice that you brought out the beauty of the dandelion.

Annie said...

Hi Stephanie, I like the way the sweater turned out. The little oops turned into a good detour and a happy ending. We have a poppy just starting to bloom in our front yard. Our first. After all these years.


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