Friday, February 22, 2013

Fifty Fridays #28

Today, I am sharing color photos.  And, more than one.  It''s my older son's birthday and I've been thinking about him in his baby life. In particular, I've been thinking about first meeting him.  I have my own memories which are not recorded.  So I thought I'd share how he looked at some other first meetings. 

Here he is with my mother, his Gran.    Unfortunately, their first encounter took place at a sad time: my younger brother's funeral.  But we thought Mom would be cheered having a new baby to cuddle.  And I believe it was a comfort to her.   She always claimed to have no memory of that year but I'm sure she remembered this scene. 

And this is the first - and only - time that he met his father's mother:  Grandmama.  None of the kids ever got to know her as she lived quite far away.  This was a long weekend marathon drive so that she could meet them. We had that kind of energy in those days - and that little money and time from work.   Big sister took time from her swim in the hotel pool for a photo op. 

 Happy Birthday, Alex!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! Precious babes. blessings ~ tanna

Empty Nester said...

Happy Birthday to Alex! I bet your mom remembers that moment too. Who wouldn't? Such a cutie. I am so glad that the lovelies grands and greats lived close enough for them to have strong relationships. My best relationships growing up were with my grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the photos.

Annie said...

There is something very sad about not having grandparents near. My mother's folks died before she was married and my dad's folks lived in Wisconsin and we lived in California.

My folks were in the same town but my husband's folks only saw the kids as they were growing up maybe 2-3 times. Now I would not dream of living away from my grands. Of course, I don't have any at the moment but it's so important to me that I just can't imagine anything other way of living.


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