Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

This is our big day. No, not for shopping. We have the whole family coming to eat, drink and, definitely, be merry. There's always lots of food, chatter, laughter and kids scooting around the grown-up legs.

We hope that everyone will be able to get here. But the snow has begun to fall - again! The weather predicted is rain mixed with snow but this is awful darn snow-like. I think we'll be shovelling - again!

I also wanted to give a back story to the Santa stocking photo yesterday. The kids didn't have their Christmas stockings with them so each one whipped off a sock for Santa. Mom had remembered to bring the special cookies Becky had baked for Santa...he seems to have enjoyed them. Maybe Santa felt bad for eating them, because he left a heart cookie for each stocking.

Happy shopping to all who are venturing out to help our economy.

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