Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favorite DPN's

In May 2004, I bought my first bamboo needles in a LYS on the island of Maui. I had brought some knitting with me on the cruise but I'd almost finished and I knew that we still had several days before home. So, I decided to find a store and buy some yarn. Ooh... there was this fabulous rainbow-dyed sock yarn. And another with shades of blue. But, sadly, I had no sock needles. So, I splurged and bought the bamboo. That was one of the best buying decisions I ever made.

These needles have become my favorite and I knit almost all my socks with them. Then, last night, I was sliding them into the case and I noticed that they were much darker than the new set that I found a couple of months ago. I wondered how many pairs of socks it took to get that patina.

Now, most people would just guess-timate. But, I don't have to. About 5 years ago (long before Ravelry) I started keeping a log of every item I crafted. So, knitting, quilting, hooking, sewing - whatever. I think this was a way of justifying my retirement existence LOL But the habit stuck and I know exactly how many pairs of socks. On these needles I have knit 87 pairs of socks - 16 for kids - and one pair of mittens. Whew!

Now, the challenge is: how many pairs of socks is the life of a bamboo needle good for? I'm glad to have found the other set because I can make 5-needle socks if I want (hardly ever). My venerable set did have 5 needles but it got caught in something and broke. That started my quest for a WIP container so that I wouldn't run the risk of breaking others.

So, with care, I think I could knit on these needles for a long time to come. I think the points will probably give out at some time as they do show signs of use. But the wood is hard and I may have hundreds of socks left in them. Stay tuned.


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

That is an incredible number. I haven't made 20 pairs yet. I love my wooden needles as well. I find old list from years ago of the number os things I have completed. I should really start a new book and keep them all in one place. The computer list doesn't do it for me, it has to be on paper.

Stephanie V said...

I think paper is more immediate, both in writing and for reference. Whenever I have to 'think' in writing I do it with a pencil and paper. I know there are people who keep incredibly detailed logs with samples of materials used and patterns, etc. I'm just a list maker, really. But it works for me.
I am a sock demon...that's my default knitting. And probably where I get the most enjoyment.

deb said...

I can't believe 87 pairs in 5 years & that is just on those needles alone - there are probably other socks & definately other projects that have been done during that time! Maybe someday I'll knit half that fast & I'd be happy.


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