Monday, December 8, 2008


Here's the wool yarn that was dyed the other day. My intent was to get a turquoise color for the over-dyed wool fabrics that I was doing. This was just a 'throw it in the pot because there's room' kind of thing and I didn't have any particular color need.
When I mixed up the dye solution it seemed way too green so I threw in a bit of blue. (Like most recipes, I only use them as a basis for my own experiments.) This is the result and the photo color is pretty true. I've rewound and weighed - there's 172 g in this skein. I hope that's enough for the mitts I have in mind.
Stay tuned.

Oh, yeah, in the end I didn't use the wool fabric that I had dyed. One was too plain and the other had too much orange in the tweed which didn't seem to change much when over-dyed. It'll go somewhere else but not these quilt blocks.

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