Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The snow hasn't stopped all day. It's still cold and so it's not the wet nasty stuff that we usually have which makes great snowballs and snowmen but gets your mittens all wet.

Anne played with the camera and the birds this afternoon. It took a lot of shots of chickadee butts to get these.

I love the junco with the chickadee (it's the butt, of course) on the feeder. Juncos are not very comfortable feeding like this but the snow is too deep for them to find the seeds that the finches kindly fling about.

Chickadees at the feeder and trying to find something good in the snow. A hungry purple finch dives into the feeder. These are our snow birds!


deb said...

Nice photos! The purple finches have found our feeder here already. They've already eaten half so I'll have to fill it soon so they can have more feeder spots again. No one came at all last year to the feeder when we lived in town.

Stephanie V said...

Get used to filling the feeder - often - when the finches are in town! They seem to judge the seeds before they eat and throw out about 75% as not worthy. But it does help the juncos. And the squirrels LOL

deb said...

Ours is currently packed only with sunflower seeds so I think most of those are "winners" for the finches. No other bird variety has visited us yet but we may have a collection of sunflowers sprout up below in the spring :)


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