Thursday, December 4, 2008

No risk

Oh, we Canadians are a cautious bunch. It could have been so exciting to see what cooperation in Parliament would look like. I'm very tired of such adversarial government. I'm very tired of being lied to and manipulated.

But mostly, I'm profoundly disappointed with the decision to prorogue.

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Penny said...

I'm also very disappointed. Our current legislative framework does not take into consideration that we now live in a multi-party democracy. The majority of people in this country did not vote for the Harper government, but without any form of proportional representation, we were stuck with them whether we liked it or not. The coalition may be self serving (all politicians are self serving), but at least they recognize that the people want to be heard and that we weren't heard during the last election. There is no democracy in letting Harper prorogue government until January. It's just a halfway step to dictatorship. Harper says we have to give him a chance to talk to people in order to come up with an economic strategy. Well, there won't be much discussion if you lock the door and refuse to talk to the other parties.


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