Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aah, relief!

I have my new 3.5 circular needles.  What a difference they make!  I just whizzed through a row or two of the Honeycomb vest last night.

We went out to White Rock for a rainy day adventure.  There was a lovely but very small, yarn store, Knitopia,  which had just moved back to this town  and it was nice to get in out of the wind and rain.  The owner is very friendly and she stocks a lot of really interesting yarns in her narrow space.  I found my needles - bought two lengths - for a quarter the cost of what I was looking at in our LYS's.  I didn't buy any yarn but I have an excuse to return, don't I?

A tasty - and very filling - lunch at the Five Corners Cafe set us up to check out the shops nearby.  This retail section is truly not large but look at the interesting stuff in one store...

White Rock must have a very active social scene after dark 'cuz during the day, it's a LOT more casual.

Then we drove among the lovely homes with gorgeous ocean views  and ended up in Crescent Beach.  They call this a resort community and I would love to live here.  Not because it's a resort since it looks more like a very small village on the seashore.  No, I would like to be here for the winter storms, the summer sunshine, the many walking trails and all the birds.  We visited Blackie Spit which is on the flight path of the Pacific Coast migratory birds.

But it was a blustery day and, while we did see a couple of grebes, a loon and an unidentified duck, it was too rainy to get any good photos.  We did get very close to a few seagulls hunkering down in the parking lot, though.

Definitely a day to keep your head down and face away from the wind.


hip chick said...

I do love days like that. And it's even more fun if you find a new store.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, you've made mereally jealous now! Both places sound lovely.
Hunkering down is such a good description for what those birds are doing- they literally look like I feel when it rains!
Glad you got your pins.

Stine in Ontario said...

White Rock sure sounds like a fun place to explore. But I agree the gulls are definitely hunkering down!

Rose said...

It was blustery here today too! Still is actually. Remnants of Hurricane Ida I think. Kind of nice really. We love walking on the beach when it's like this but I didn't today.

Angie said...

Good place to go back to, so glad you got the needles. Funny how gulls always hang around the carpark (looking for a hand out of greasy food no doubt)! Light rain here today so got out & transplanted lettuce, (wet shirt etc, perhaps I should have worn bathers) soooo good for my little magic square.

Rudee said...

I could have sworn I left a post here last night around midnight. Hmmm.

I love those red gauntlets--they're so feminine--which is totally unlike my taste, but for whatever reason, they speak to me. For a minute, I thought this was a Ruby Tuesday post.

April said...

Good for you finding the circular needle you needed! The gulls really do look a little depressed and tired of the rain.


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