Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's coming!

The S-word.  Winter is on its way.

We took these pictures on our walk this morning.  The sun was shining through the clouds and making interesting light patterns on  the snow.

This is the main corner in our 'village'.
As long as the snow stays up in those mountains, I'm a happy villager. 


April said...

The mountains look very pretty in the sun with all that fresh snow. Lovely pictures!

Jane said...

Hi Stephanie,
Beautiful pictures. Knew the snow wasn't too far away as I can see some from my bedroom window today.

Rudee said...

I'd be a happy villager with scenery like that, too. You photos are beautiful!

Rose said...

Awesome photos. Those mountains are amazing; I'm an East Coast girl and haven't been west yet. Beautiful!

Mimi said...

Oh fabulous!
I would not be happy with the snow staying on the mountains, I would definitely want it down in the village, but then real snow is such a novelty here, even mild flakes practically makes the place come to a standstill.
Love your pics!


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