Friday, November 13, 2009

Warm hands

I haven't knit a pair of gloves - ever.  Does it count if I've knit socks with toes?  Those would just be gloves for feet, right?

I have always worn mitts when the walking is cold because they seem warmer and so I've knit many pairs of mittens.  But, I stumbled over this lovely pattern  and decided they would be a good small project for my sock yarn stash.  A bit more complex than a sock but that's a good thing.  It's called Knotty and was designed by Julia Mueller.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry - just search for Knotty under gloves.  I'm sorry, there doesn't seem to be a direct link to her pattern.

I began knitting the right glove but it looks thumbless.  I've had to model it on my left hand.  Have you ever tried to take a photo with your left hand?  Cameras are definitely right-oriented. Note to self:  always start with the left glove.

The cables - I really do like cables - nip the glove in at the wrist making a nice snug fit.  And the ribbing goes past my watch to keep me warm.  And they're pretty quick to knit so I should have cosy gloves by Monday.


Penny said...

Very nice! And for those of us in colder climes, it's important to have some gloves as well as mitts as it's easier to drive in gloves - or at least I think so. But that probably won't matter much to you in tropical Vancouver.

Jane said...

OOH! Beautiful!.....and I love the colour too!

Rudee said...

I love the color, too. The cable is very pretty. I saw a sweater in a Knitty ad that had a similar cable smack in the middle. It was gorgeous.

I can't wait for Monday's photos. Too bad they're not yellow--two birds and all that.

Mimi said...

They're beautiful, Stephanie.
Your knitting posts keep making me long to take up the needles once of these days!
Can we see the finished pair? Please?

Anonymous said...

they will be fantastic.

hip chick said...

Oh they are pretty. You have me on pins and needles about the thumb though...there will be one right? ;~)

Stephanie V said...

Penny - The frost on the roofs this morning doesn't look very tropical to me. It's all relative, I know.

Jane, Rudee - the gloves are really a bright dark green. Maybe I can capture that better when I post them finished. I'll figure out that yellow thing.

Mimi- I will post a photo. Yes, do get out those pins and yarn. There must be down times in the teacher's lounge.

Hip Chick - Yes, I have managed a thumb - and four fingers!


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