Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One hand down

It's great to have friends who like to be a bit different.

I found this sock yarn at Michael's one day while I was shopping with my daughter.  I thought it looked interesting and might make a nice warm sock - it's a tiny bit thicker than most sock yarn.  Doesn't everyone wear pink socks?

Then I discovered  gloves.  It's very tempting to knit gloves right now with winter moving in quickly.  They're so quick to knit...much faster than socks.  And, like socks, I can play around forever with a basic pattern.

These have a simple cable set at the wrist.  A complex pattern wouldn't show with this yarn.  I really like how each finger - thumb, too - is different.  Thanks, Penny, for being a fan of funky yarns, too.


Penny said...

Thank you! They will cheer me up on a cold day.

Ginny said...

I just love these gloves, they are the kind I would buy in a store. Different and a little wild, but not too much.

Rose said...

I love the gloves! I think gloves are hard; I always have trouble with holes at the finger joins. BTW, how's the FM cardi coming? I've put mine aside until Christmas break so I can work on gifts.

Mimi said...

These are lovely, Stephanie. I like the long wrist bit, very cosy.
And knitted gloves are likely to last much longer than knitted socks, unless the sock yarn has some secret ingredient.
I've been dying to ask the same question that Rose asked???

deb said...

They look great!

As for the holes - I always get them too & stitch them up with the yarn tail from starting the new yarn. The Knitting Daily blog/email the other day suggested picking up a couple of extra stitches then knit 2 together on the next round to get back to the correct number so I think I'll try that next time. What is your secret technique Stephanie?

Rudee said...

They're beautiful!

Stephanie V said...

My secret is to sew the holes up if there are any. If not, I pat myself on the back.
Rose, Mimi - the FM cardi is in plain sight and mocks me every day. I hate seaming! I am determined to have it done before Christmas...that's as far as a promise goes.

Angie said...

They really are a delight, Stephanie, I never could knit gloves (not that I need them here in West Oz, even in winter!)

Stine in Ontario said...

I haven't knit socks in a while but I do have tons of sock yarn. You are tempting me...I may need to knit some gloves soon - very soon!


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