Thursday, May 13, 2010


The past few days have been a bit hectic.  You know, those times when you think that you can add nothing else to your schedule...then something happens?

The seniors have been busy and the center will be buzzing along for the next month or so.  When I became President of our seniors' association, the board decided that we would maximize our time and space available to provide the very best programming that we could.  Well!  That means a lot of meetings.  So, I've been meting and setting up and talking on the phone and emailing.  But I haven't been posting.

Then, over the weekend Anne's mystery illness kicked into high gear.  We spent 6 hours in the ER on Friday and thought it was resolved.  After increasingly lousy days, we trekked back to the ER yesterday.  Another day and still no definite answers.  It's a matter of ruling out everything it can't be.  Tests are ordered but it takes time to get in.  Meanwhile we get a good look at our health care system.  It gets a B+ this week.  The nurses are always A+, though.

So, I have been knitting.  Working on some cotton yarn that Maria gave me - she is so much better at downsizing her stash than I am - which she thought might make some sort of matching sweaters for the kids.

I used the rainbow yarn and the creamy yellow to make a rainbow sweater for Katie with purple boat buttons that come all the way from Nicaragua.  That's the 2. 

Size 4 is Charlie's sort-of-cricket vest.  I found some manly dark blue for the contrast as the rainbow just didn't work.

And the 6 is Becky's summery cropped cardi with a lacy rainbow yoke.

Now, I'm back to socks as  potential waiting room knitting - just in case.  


Penny said...

Oh! I had such fun choosing buttons in Nicaragua - such an incredible range of colours and shapes and sizes. And the boat ones look great on the rainbow background. I hope she likes them.

Ginny said...

I couldn't see the boat buttons without clicking. So I advise all your other followers to click and enlarge the picture, it is so worth it to see those cute buttons!! They are worth a whole post in themselves. My favorite item is the cropped cardi, just adorable, with the cute heart button, you always GET the details. But I want to hear more about Anne. What are her symptoms and how long has she had this? I have quite a few syndromes, etc., one or two that are rare. Might I suggest a large teaching hospital. They look for the unusual and leave no stone unturned. I have gotten many diagnoses there where other doctors didn't know. Having said that, I don't know about the hospitals and health care system there, perhaps you can't do that or your hospitals aren't categorized like ours. Don't you have socilized medicine? Or am I wrong? As you know, Obama just moved us one step closer to that, and oh, the outrage of so many people! But this bill has some good things in it. Please feel free to e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear Anne is sick, hope she feels better soon. Your little sweaters are very cute.

deb said...

Great series of sweaters! Hope they weren't all produced waiting at the hospital! Get better soon mom! Keep bugging them for answers.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I hate mystery illnesses - I had "something" in November, loads of blood tests etc, and no meaningful result. The knitting is beautiful :D

Mimi said...

Your knitting is really fantastic, Stephanie- it's perfection. And I enlarged the picture to see the boat buttons (thanks Ginny!)- they're lovely.
Sorry that Anne hasn't been well, but glad your health care system gets a B+ , that's really good, much better, I suspect, than ours would get. Nurses deserve A+!
Hope Anne is feeling better really soon.

Rose said...

All three are adorable! You did them all in one week? Or less? Hope Anne is getting better (not sure who she is).

Paws on the Run said...

I hope they figure things out soon for you mom. The worst is always not knowing, because they can't fix it without knowing what is wrong.

Super cute sweaters Stephanie!


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