Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Wonders - H

H is for Hosta.

Back when we were trying to fill in the garden, we discovered hostas.  What wonderful plants they are.  They don't mind shade which we have; they also enjoy sun; they withstand the rain and best of all they spread out.

We were told that they have insignificant flowers.  Now this isn't true.  They are tall spires of many small purple or white blooms that tower over the leaves. They come out later in the summer and add interest to those shady parts of the garden.

We bought two plants at first and enjoyed them.  Then, the next  spring, we panicked because they were not emerging with the other perennials.  We bought more plants thinking the originals had been eaten by voracious slugs.

Well, they did finally come up and we are wiser now in the way of the hosta.

They have such various leaves.  I love the small and sometimes subtle differences in their leaf colors.

I like how their leaves are so strongly ribbed.

I like their constant variety.  This is our biggest hosta :  "Sum & Substance".  I had to have it just because of the name.  The tulip at back right is there for size reference - this hosta is our consistent favorite and we hold our breath  waiting  for its appearance each spring.


Joanna said...

Yes! Hostas are the best. We're discovering more about their charms this year, especially the variety in colour and size and even shape. A friend here in Victoria collects them all and has a hosta sale every year from her yard. Just yesterday I bought six more for a shady patch in my front yard. I've never seen Sum and Substance but it looks very special.

J.G. said...

I think lamb's ears are my favorite northern plant, but hostas are a close second. I miss them now that I'm back in the tropics. They have such a subtle beauty.

me ann my camera said...

We love hostas and have many, many. I also like the delicate looking flowers on them. We just let them bloom. It is fun trying to have the msny different kinds. I rather like the bluish ones.

Rudee said...

Blogger ate my comment. What a hungry little beast.

I love your photos and your garden!

jeannette said...

I like hostas for the same reason! And because of your lLinkWithin I read your post of Dec. -playing raieis to reconstruct the gingerbread house -so funny -I love that post!


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