Saturday, May 15, 2010

A thousand eyes

Every time, I walk down the driveway, I feel as though there are many, many eyes watching me.

This is one of our biggest rhodies and has been busy with renewal since the big hemlock was cut down.  She has the sun all to herself now.

There were lots of bumblebees buzzing in the flowers but they kept hiding inside the blossoms.  Work, work, time for posing today.

I love how the spots look black but are really a dark, reddish-purple.  Isn't she beautiful?


Mimi said...

She is beautiful, and she is basking in that lovely sun.
Isn't nature wonderful?

Penny said...

That's really lovely. I must visit in the spring sometime so I can see the blossoms. It was nowhere near as attractive in the summer with just leaves.

Catherine said...

I love your rhododendron, the colour is very delicate. We have lots of them in the local mountains in that peaty soil, and the castle gardens here in Lismore has an acid-loving patch for the camellias and rhododendrons and azaleas. I have to put any of those plants in ericaceous compost, as our soil's too rich for them. I don't think the rhododendrons are in bloom here yet, we're in the thick of azalea colour now and bluebells.
All the best, Catherine.

Ginny said...

This is beautiful! It can't really be appreciated until that last picture!! I didn't know there where rhododendrons that had two colors like this.

Glennis said...

That is a lovely as any Rhodo, such a soft oolour with the deep eyes, I like it a lot.

jeannette said...

These flowers are gorgeous and they hold quite long! When I lived in Holland we had a giant bush, more of an azalea color.


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