Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More building

Well, it looks like we have another new neighbor.  He (we think it's a he) has been delivering construction materials to the site for a couple of days.  We're not sure about the choice of a site, though.

It's in between this clematis vine

And the trellis.  Not a lot of flat space to build on here.  But then, this is our builder:

A lone robin.  We're feeling a little uncertain for his future as a family man, though.  There isn't a mate around and he keeps flying to his reflection in our window.  Is it possible that he's identified his reflection as a potential mate?  That would be an extreme outcome of narcissism, I think.  We're still hoping that the Mrs is just waiting for the nest to be finished. 


Ginny said...

Goodness, I thought most robins built up in trees. I also didn't know that the male would build a nest! This one seems quite desperate. A very interesting post, I hope you keep us updated!

Stephanie V said...

Ginny, you are right...this must be a female. I did some reading and see that Mrs chooses the nest site. Usually, they nest on flat surfaces and we've had nests many times before. Their engineering isn't the greatest, though, and they frequently fall.
We'll keep our eyes open for a likely male.

Glennis said...

Very interesting, a homophobic robin!
Maybe his mate is more shy and is waiting til the building is done.
Nice that your able to watch closely.

Joanna said...

Isn't is wonderful having birds as neighbours?

Angie said...

Hope he/she finds a mate.

Mimi said...

Is she putting out a signal to passing available males, open house type of thing?
We've had a thrush recently who keeps picking a fight with his reflection in the window!
The antics of birds are something else, aren't they?

Rudee said...

He and Leo have a lot in common with that reflection stuff. I hope he finds a gal, soon.


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