Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Wonders - F

F is for Fun.

What makes something fun?    We always have a good time taking the kids to the playground...

but sliding down the twirly slide with your granddaughter is just plain laugh-out-loud fun.
And it's always great to to watch the kids play in the back yard...

but when we play too, it's fun.  He's laughing, not crying.  Really.

So, is it participation?  Is it doing something we haven't done for a long time?   What takes you from enjoyment to fun?


Ginny said...

Wonderful pictures. I remember the last post you did with the grandchildren, quite a while ago. You need to post about them more often! Again, your granddaughter is beautiful! How blessed you are to have them in your life and (I'm assuming) close by. I'm getting ready to post more on our granddaughter. What takes me from enjoyment to fun? I think you have already answered that question in your pictures. For both of us, I think it's making our grandchildren happy and watching them laugh.

Mimi said...

I think it's the connection to our inner child that makes things fun.
Your inner child is obviously a slider! (among other things).
Lovely post, lovely photos.

Rudee said...

When we were little, we went outside to play. It was always fun and we did it for hours. Nowadays, we call that exercise.

I love to find myself unexpectedly having fun. It's the best sort of feeling.

Your grands are adorable.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Those are some heavy-duty infectious smiles! I think Mimi has hit the nail on the head with her comment...the connection to our inner child. Looks like you're all equally blessed to have each other.

USA said...

that's always a wonderful thing playing with the kids! nice experience!

Glennis said...

2 lovely fun photos with the children or Grand children, delightful.


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