Monday, May 17, 2010

House Guest

Last night, I turned on the desk lamp and surprised a visitor setting up its sleeping quarters for the night.

I watched, fascinated, as this long-legged beastie spun a web from my keyboard to some papers standing on my desk.  I don't think it's a spider and it's probably something that we don't want to keep in the house.  But I loved watching it. 

When it had spun a good-sized hammock, the movement just stopped for the night.  And, apparently, these creatures are not up with the sun.

It was still there this morning.  When it woke up, it stretched out the two longest legs and, using them to find its way, just ambled off  to find some breakfast.  

*Top photos taken with a flash last night;  bottom photo in daylight.


Ginny said...

Man, this is creeping me out!! But you got such good pictures! I must admit that I'm alternatly repelled and fascinated. You know my history of spiders from my previous posts. Well, the thing has black leg joints. It really doesn't quite look like a spider, more like one of those water-treaders. But I think only spiders spin webs. I'm off to my bug identification book, if I find out what it is, I'll let your know.

hip chick said...

ooh we call that a daddy long legs. Getting my camera for a picture is not what I would have thought to do with this guy.

Ginny said...

Hip Chick is right. In looking through my insect book, it appears to be a type of daddy long legs, i'm pretty sure. My book says that although it resembles a spider, it is not, so you were right with your first hunch. there are many types and colors, They are nocturnal. Oh, and by the way, they will eat their own species. Lovely!!

Rachel Cotterill said...

We have SO many of that kind of spider - I've given up trying to evict them!

Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Ginny. I knew I'd be creeping some people out but it seemed not so scary as a spider.

Hip chick - we call them daddy long legs, too. But, I thought that might just be a common name here. In my insect book, a dll doesn't look like that at all. But then, none of the insects I find are exactly like the book.

Rachel - I tend to let them stick around, too - unless they're moths. Not with my wool stash!

Ginny said...

Don't know how I missed your hosta post below, but the leaves are lovely. We have quite a few around here. I've looked in all my flower books and also Google, just can't find your mystery bush with the white flowers. Boo hoo.

Ginny said...

I was just reading your comments here and see where you say it doesn't look like a dll in your book. Actually, there are several different kinds, and different colors. What makes me curious is that they spin a web, yet are not spiders! I think I'll Google that.

Ginny said...

New spider alert! I got curious as to why your dll spun a web if it isn't a spider, and did research on Google. I found your spider, and it is a CELLAR SPIDER. People call them dll because they look so much alike, but the Cellar is a real spider, and a different species than the dll. There are different kinds and I found one just like yours that even has the black on the leg joints!!

Rudee said...

Sure, moving in without permission. Next thing you know, he'll want to eat off your flesh. I say you should capture the beast and either flush it or send it outdoors where it belongs.

I'm still not over my wolf spider incident.


Mimi said...

I was wondering what he found for breakfast, did you lay on a buffet?

I quite like spiders, am not afraid of them at all, and LOVED looking at your photos. SO, thanks for sharing them!


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