Thursday, October 7, 2010


Have you ever noticed that the word 'piracy' is part of this title?  I definitely feel that temptation is an attempt by universe to hi-jack my will power. 

And, as everything happens in three's - another rule of the universe - I've hit the jackpot this week.

Look what Anne brought home from the thrift shop for me!  I was so excited.  That's becoming tempered by reality now which is that I really don't have time to learn how to spin.  But isn't it pretty? So seductive, the wheel stands in the sewing room and sings her siren song.  But, no!  It'll just have to wait.  Then, there's the not-so-small issue of fibers everywhere.  With an asthmatic in the house, we'll have to work on a solution for that before any spinning takes place.  But, really...isn't it pretty?

You all know about temptation number two.  Or, temptation number one since it was a few days ago.  Thanks to those who voted, I have a decision on the color for my Olivier pullover.  The color you chose - drum roll, please! - is Spruce.  It was a bit touch-and-go with the Slate for a couple of days but in the end Spruce won handily and I'm ordering my yarn today. 

And, now my third temptation.  I was merrily researching something totally unrelated when up popped an ad.  Well, not a pop-up because I hate those and have a blocker which is mostly effective.  No, it was a banner ad on someone's blog, I think.  Whatever.  I'm killing myself with the suspense.  Here is the link to the Simply Socks Yarn Company.  What a perfect little jewel of a store for a knitter who NEEDS to knit socks to stay sane. 

Too much temptation out there...I need blinders.


Rudee said...

OMG! You got an Ashford at the THRIFT SHOP?????

Be still my little heart. Really.

Not too much fiber flies around the room when spinning things like merino. Alpaca is a different story, but then in terms of allergy, that may not be an issue.

Another wool, one that's easier to learn to spin because of the staple length is BFL.

I'm so excited for you. rock!

Ginny said...

The spinning wheel is just lovely, you could decorate a whole room around it!! I know all about asthma, my mom almost died from it as a child and spent a lot of time in oxygen tents in the hospital. Way back then, they really didn't know how to treat it, so she had to drop out of school in third grade. It was moldy leaves in the fall for her, and me,too! She used to have an asthma spray with a big bulb that you squeezed, it looked like a horn! No actual inhalers bank then.

deb said...

Wow!! Awesome thrift store score!! If the allergies are too much I'm sure I can find some room in the van next time we're there ;)

Angie said...

With winter on the way I bet you start spinning! That wheel looks brand new!!! Find the time.

Maria said...

Ah yes. I still remember when Angela came home with her first spinning wheel. Now it is almost impossible to move around her living room. A very big temptation indeed :) They are beautiful though.

Paws on the Run said...

Whoooo Hoooo! It may just need to be a fair weather hobby so you can sit outside and spin. I'm so excited for you!!!! If you need some stash, let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

Great looking wheel. I am glad about the spruce sweater and my goodness that sock store has a big selection of yarn.

jeannette said...

I'm greatly envious of your spinning wheel (sigh) - you've got to spin at least ONCE on it!!! Would a dust mask help for asthma?
I'm sure you'll enjoy this weekend:)


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