Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Even the birds know it's Ruby Tuesday.

The finches are back from their summer vacation and they're heading right for the red apples still on our neighbor's tree.

If they don't get picked soon every one will have holes pecked out by these finches.  See his tail? - he's hiding behind the leaf.

They worked very hard and pecked at every apple.  Then they left for another eating adventure. 

Red is everywhere on Ruby Tuesday.  Visit Mary T right here.


chubskulit said...

Our apples are almost gone, most of them fell on the ground already. Great shots!

Please come and see the Ruby Tuesday at my page.

Kim, USA said...

We don't have apples but our pears are all gone. Seem like the birds had much fun ^_^
Favorite Snack

Peg said...

Hi Stephanie,

A question. I see the niddy-noddy after I googled it. But look behind it to the right, it doesn't show up very well - it looks like a bobbin or a spool to me. It has just a wee bit of yarn on it sticking out the end.


Peg said...

Oops, its not yarn, looks like a piece of metal and it's attached to the niddy - noddy contraption somehow.

By the way, love your apples, and the little bird checking them out.


Ginny said...

Gosh, too bad they take one or two pecks out of each apple and ruin them all!! Can't they just finish off a few?

Mimi said...

Aren't they clever! take a bite or two out of each one, then chances are they'll still be there when they come back for seconds!
Lovely, seasonal RT post.

Peg said...

People must wonder what we are talking about! Its not like facebook where we can discuss together under the photo. I read about Lazy Kate. But the little thing, the piece that looks like a barbell, it has a bit of string or yarn on it, that is what I collect. The whole contraption might be a lazy kate, and the thingy on the left with all the yarn wound around it is a niddy noddy, but isn't the barbell thing a bobbin?


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