Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remains of the Day

This is about some wicker furniture.  When my dad moved from his townhouse into an apartment he had no need for two of the three sets of  patio furniture that he had in the house.  There was a set of real wicker with a couch, two armchairs, a low table and a high bookcase sort of thing.  I'm sure he repainted them white every spring and they seemed old-fashioned, if not actually that old.  But I don't really know how old they are.

There was another set of faux wicker which was perfect for our weather where it rains even in the summer.  This was newer and looked very smart.  So, faced with a choice, I opted for the funky.  Which I think is probably predictable.  There were lovely cushions and big plastic covers.  We put this furniture on our deck and looked after it well - without the annual paint job.  The big covers protected it from rain as they stood outside - of necessity. 

We always knew where to find our cat as she loved to curl up under the plastic cover on the soft cushion of one particular chair.  It must have been so warm and heavenly for a cat.  Then, late one spring, we noticed that there was a mother raccoon hanging around the deck.  She seemed to be enjoying a similar paradise to our cat only she had chosen the couch.  But, to our surprise, we realized that she had three babies stashed in there as well.  I guess that she figured this was a safe and dry spot where no one would bother them.  We peeked under the cover once when we knew Mom was away.  Those little ones were ferocious in their own defense. 

But, they ruined the cushion, and we couldn't keep the furniture covered  any more.  That was the beginning of the end.  We've kept them as a barrier around the deck so the babies wouldn't fall off.  But, now all the babies are old enough not to crawl to the edge.  And some of the wood was starting to rot in the legs.  Time to go.  Last week, I dragged them all around to the front ready for disposal.

I think the old couch looks really good here in the carport.  It's under cover and very close to the garden.  If I thought it would be safe,  I'd be tempted to sit on it after a skirmish with the buttercups.  But maybe it can stay and enjoy a couple more years in the sun.


Ginny said...

Yes, it almost looks like yard art where it is now. And it looks so well loved, well loved by many...all creatures great and small. I would HATE to send it away.

Rudee said...

It does look like furniture that's almost given its all for the cause of seating, but i agree with looks like art.

jeannette said...

Hard to make any choice when something's in-between stages:)

Mimi said...

It's got beautiful lines to it, as does the chair in the background in the second last photo.
I'm the same- hate throwing things away.

Joanna said...

That wicker couch has certainly seen some times. Not many of them are homes to racoon babies I daresay! It's hard to get rid of things like that, especially since it was originally your dad's as well. Someday you'll be ready; maybe just not quite yet.

Rose said...

Bittersweet but I know what you mean. Love the socks (from a few posts ago)!


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