Saturday, October 2, 2010

New socks!

I love new socks!  Actually, I love new clothes of any kind.  On they go as soon as I can find an appropriate occasion.   My new stuff rarely gets a day in the closet before I'm showing them off.  So here are the Wine Country socks all grown up.

I like the Balbriggan heel.  It's really comfy.  It takes no time at all to knit up.  The grafting thing is just a small glitch in near perfection.  For anyone afraid of heel turns this is the one to try.  I highly recommend this pattern by Jane Prater  if you feel like experimenting with a different heel.  I'm planning on using it again with the plainer-knit socks I have on the needle.  It's very adaptable. 

Today is a bit cooler and these socks are perfect.  I can wear them with my favorite shoes which show off a lot of the pattern and color.  And I think they look great with jeans, too!

Don't forget to vote - in the sidebar - and help me with my yarn color dilemma.  See yesterday's post below for the colors.


Ginny said...

Oh, these are georgous!! I love the colors!!!

Rachel Cotterill said...

What Ginny said - such great colours! :D

Rudee said...

Absolutely fabulous! I could use more layers of wool today. It's spitting rain and it's so cold.

Rose said...

I love those socks!! Love the color and the pattern. And I'm the same way with new stuff. Why wait, is my motto. I need to finish some of my WIPs (including a pair of socks!) before I start any other project. Maybe.

Mimi said...

They're just gorgeous, Stephanie.
The shades of pink in them look wonderful.
Balbriggan heel?? There's a town just outside Dublin called Balbriggan- wonder if the inventor of that heel was there?
I love new clothes too!
Missed your last post so off to check it out now...

Stephanie V said...

Thank you all! These are very comfortable on, too. I went out for a walk after I posted and the performed well.

Mimi - check out my post - about 10 days ago - titled Balbriggan. It explains the heel.

jeannette said...

Thanks for sharing your pattern:) I'm interested in the wool -the colors are beautiful!


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