Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday wonders - D

D is for Dappled.

 The dappled shade that comes from the play of sunlight through leaves and branches.

I think it must be because I live in a rain forest and up against mountains, that I love to see the sunlight moving in the breezes.  It seems to lighten the mood.

It can happen at any season of the year but usually only in spring and summer when the leaves are more abundant.

Yet even in our deep forest, there are times when the light shines into the deep shade.


Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures, I remember those flowers! Gosh, I just have been taking pictures today of dappled things, and am doing a post on it, myself!!

jeannette said...

Love the first flower, but can't think of its name. Miss the woods, should go there soon! Thanks for reminding me!

Rudee said...

A perfect word for the letter, D, and an even better photographic essay!

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - we must both be seeing some dappling these days.

Jeanette - You're very welcome for the nudge. The flower is the checkered lily, one of the fritillarias.

Rudee - It's not just the effect. I like the word, too. It kind of has a happy sound.

Ann said...

whta's the first flower? In my garden, I had snowdrops, but not the same.


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