Saturday, October 9, 2010

Faux Plaid

I bought the yarn for these socks a few weeks ago.  Well, they weren't for these socks but I decided that the yarn wasn't manly enough for what I needed.  Maybe I secretly wanted it for myself...d'ya think?.

All the time, I was knitting and watching the stripes grow, I kept thinking boot socks.  There's  something outdoorsy about them that makes me think of trees, sky and forest trails.  But, as you can see from the sole of the sock, the stripes were, um, a bit stripe-ish.  So, I slipped every fourth stitch on alternate rounds.  Sort of like drawing a knife through the chocolate glaze on an iced cake.  And I added my new find, the Balbriggan heel.  Love it still.

I took this photo myself while trying not to put my sock foot down on the wet deck.  Hard to stand still for very long but I got it - outdoor light is so much better.  A bit 'in your face' but you can see the details really well. 

If you're a sock knitter, try this heel construction.  It's so easy and fits so nicely. 


Ginny said...

O.K., this is a perfect photo! Yes, outdoor light changes everything. HoW on EARTH did you stand there on one foot holding the camera and get the picture?? Being so clumsy, I can't even stand on one foot, and I certainly can't multi-task! You are giving me a sock fetish!!! You should go into business and make big bucks, every pair you make is WOW, and totally unique!!!

Rudee said...

They're so earthy and beautiful. I love your heels!

You're really on a roll with the socks!!

Mimi said...

I think it's a great photo, Stephanie, and it shows the detail very well, which is what we need.
Two questions for you..- do you have particular shoes that you wear with all your knitted socks, as presumably the socks are thicker than bought ones, and do the heels of your socks wear thin, cos that would kill me after the long hours of knitting them!

April said...

These are great looking socks - I like the colour. I'm prone to holey socks, so my heels have to wear "like iron", and I usually stick with the slip stitch pattern.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it's not raining too hard there.

SquirrelQueen said...

I like that yarn, the socks look great. But like Ginny I'm trying to figure out how you got the picture.

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - there's lots of folks making interesting socks right now. I'm glad you enjoy mine - thanks!

Rudee - It seems I'm avoiding finishing the Wowser socks. Going back to them today now that I've soothed my mind.

Mimi- I feel I should knock firmly on wood while saying this: the heels don't seem to wear thin. And I wear my socks with all my shoes and boots but the strictly dress variety.

April - thank you. See above re holes. I love this heel because it fits so well. It's also cushy with the heel flap done in a double moss stitch. It poured yesterday but looks better this morning.

SquirrellQueen - Thank, I think the colors really speak to those of us west of the Rockies. It was surprisingly easy to get that shot. I just went on experience with how the camera 'felt' with other similar photos where I could see and focus. I only had two takes and both were good. Then I fell off my little boot perch.

Anonymous said...

Great looking socks, and I can see the heel detail much better.


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