Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good times!

I'm so glad it's Saturday...whew!  It was a busy night last night.  So busy, my photos aren't many - or great.  But you'll get the idea. 

I wish I 'd had time to grab the camera when the big bags of take-out were being taken around to the tables.  But by the time I got a free hand, everyone was into the serious eating part.  And, as always, there was so much food.  We did our best but tummies were full when the dishes were only half-empty.  Time to bring on the take-home containers we always have at a food event.  There was enough left to do it all again, I think.  Very generous portions. 

Our entertainer came while we finishing our dinner and began her setup.  Here she's only about 20% through the set up and she's got another small mountain of equipment out of camera range.  At the end, she had a wonderful computerized synthesizer and a keyboard (that I coveted) which created her 'keyboard orchestra'.  Lots of toe-tapping and swingin' in the seats going on.  Some of us who are learning dance steps in our dancersize class practiced in the aisles.  Great music...and she would have played all night if we could have stayed awake!

The dessert of almond cookies was well received.  Yes, they got there safely.  We tucked them tenderly  into a box and made sure the box couldn't fly onto the road.  Those crows lost out this time!   Of course, we had fortune cookies as well.  Mine says: 'Unplanned events can be satisfying'.
So, today, I'm looking for satisfaction in unplanned events.  A day of whatever comes my way will be a nice change.  


Ginny said...

Oh, you look so pretty in this picture. I love your blouse and scarf! So they will all take home some food, or will you all have another big meal with it? I see you are reading your fortune, but you sure helped make this past event fun!!

Rudee said...

We had another unplanned snow event. I'm trying to be patient, but I'm running out of calm.

I love your scarf!

So glad your event turned out well!

EmptyNester said...

That looks like such a great time!

Andrea said...

Nice to see you in the blouse! Realizing it's not a colour I would normally see you in, but it looks great!

Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Ginny. The blouse is a hand-me-down from my daughter. Or should that be hand-me up?

Rudee -The scarf is one of my extravagant yarn purchases a few years ago: Handmaiden silk. Look in my Ravelry projects for better photo.

Angie said...

I'm so cross!!! I can't see what others are seeing...... only the 1st pic is showing up. Wish I knew how to fix this (It's not just on your blog)

Gill - That British Woman said...

looks like a good time was had by all!!


Joanna said...

Wow--what a lot of work went into that evening. Glad it was a success. Good photo of you there, girl.

Unplanned activities today sound like a good balance.

Love my word verification here: dompompi. Sounds like a roman dance, maybe.

Mimi said...

Well, sounds like everyone had a great time! I too love your scarf, I can't resist silk, it's one of those things that makes me feel good the instant I put it on.


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