Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inside and out

Around this time of year, we start to get some splashes of color.

These primulas are everywhere right now.  Every grocery store has them at the front door.  There are tiers and tiers standing outside the DIY stores and of course, they're in every garden center.  The bright colors are so welcome in a landscape that is largely used-green, brown and gray in February.

So, each year, we buy some and enjoy them at our front door.  Then, when the blooms are gone, we plant them out in the garden.  We have lots  planted under the evergreens in the yard.  They are happy and bloom each year - just not quite this early.

Also in the stores right now are daffodils and tulips.  I prefer my daffodils outside but I'm a sucker for tulips in a vase.  At first they stand so stiff and straight.  Then, like tired soldiers after the drill sergeant has gone by, they bend and twist and droop.   I think this must be my year for pink - it was the first color I reached for.  Is an unexplainable love of pink a sign of old age?  Or a reversion to childhood?   When I was a kid my favorite color was red.  But I will admit to loving the magenta crayon and wishing there were more occasions to use it.

I know it seems a bit cheeky to talk about wishing for more color and spring when we seem to have it pretty easy weather-wise.    Truly, though, from November to March our winter is mostly rain and gray skies.  Oh, I'm used to it and I do prefer rain to snow but we crave some bright color outside.  So, just like everyone else,  we West Coasters keep our eyes open for signs of spring. 


Angie said...

Stunning colours!!!

Joanna said...

I too love the way the tulips droop. I'm told it's because unlike most flowers, they continue to grow in the stems after being cut. It's so great to have some lovely bright colours now. Too much grey and brown is bad for the psyche.

Ginny said...

We don't have primulas anywhere, and I don't see them in any stores, so these are a colorful welcome sight! As to the love of pink; it's not because you are old, it's because you are a girl! Don't we all love pink? And who wouldn't love these, with their delicate, muted, and pretty shade!

Rudee said...

Your flowers are so cheerful, and I think pink is a hopeful color. Maybe that's why it appeals to you.

I wouldn't have minded our winter if not for the wretched deep freeze we've had. It's so cold here, that at times it feels unbearable. Last night, the wind was so biting that my face was stinging as I walked across the seemingly endless hospital parking lot.

cindy said...

It always amazed me how stunning primulas are, the colours are the deepest. For sure Spring is on the way when i start to see them in the stores.


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