Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Progress Report

Since today is a rare day with no outside demands on my time, I'll share with you how well life's stress and tension can help the knitting projects to grow.   

My charcoal cardigan - can't get that color right - is almost finished.  I'm such an optimist.  I call it almost finished but I've still got to attach the sleeves and knit up the yoke.  Shouldn't take long - clicking needles soothe the mind.  I am becoming concerned that the fabric will be too light to support the beautiful teacup buttons that I want to use.  Put the head back in the sand and keep knitting, Stephanie!

Does any one remember this yarn?  I frogged a gold-colored thrift store sweater and I had to dye it twice to get rid of most of the gold.  I really like the occasional rich grape-purple strip.

I've been searching for a pattern to use up this bit of stash.  I think I've found it.  Designed by Deborah Newton it's the Evergreen Tweed vest from the Winter Interweave Knits mag.  I've taken a photo from the magazine because Ravelry doesn't  have a one up for this pattern. 

I call mine Rusticity - it's got such a home-spun look.  I think the yarn is knitting up quite well into this pattern.  It's such a treat to have a big-needle project to turn to when my hands get bored  tired of dealing with the smaller needles of the cardi above or the even smaller sock needles for everlasting long stocking. 

And, now, I'm off to play.  Or at least get a few of the more interesting chores done. 


Ginny said...

I love those yarn colors and can't wait to see the charcoal cardigan's teacup buttons! I hope they're not too heavy!

koko said...

Isn't it great to have a "day off", even if we have to do a few chores? It doesn't get much better, having the prospect of something interesting to knit when the chores are done!

Love the multi-coloured yarn knit in basketweave - the pattern really shows it off well.

April said...

These are lovely knitting projects you have on the go. Hope you get a lot done on your "free" day. I like the vest pattern, too.

Rudee said...

Knitting always soothes me. I like everything you're doing there--just keep it up!

hahaha-word verification: ivests

jeannette said...

love the yarn, Stephanie! It's a great result of recycling (do I remember? I only remember from 12 till noon:):) ) Enjoy your play today!

Mimi said...

It is knitting up beautifully, Stephanie. I love that 4 x 4 basket weave : we have a designer here Glynnis Robins who specialises in those kind of stitches, and all her stuff is fab.
Far from sticking your head in the sand, I think it wise to wait till the garment is finished to decide on the buttons, so I'd say you've got the right idea.

Angie said...

Like the basket weave. Here's a thought - why not take your knitting to your next meeting & just sit & knit! That would give them somehing to talk about.

Joanna said...

That charcoal sweater is gorgeous. And so it the dyed yarn. Your designs all seem to work so well, Stephanie. It makes me wish I could knit!

cindy said...

Rusticity, works for me. Love the colours. Enjoy your day off.


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