Saturday, February 19, 2011

Take me away

Another week -  turning into a weekend  - that I'd rather forget.

This is the mental picture I keep in my mind.  If it gets really bad, I'll stick my fingers in my ears and sing a few choruses of "Rollin' on the River".  Miss Piggy and Tina Turner - my heroes today!

I have to admit that when it comes to the office politics,  it's a lot harder to be a volunteer than a paid employee.   At my age, it's too late to learn to keep my thoughts to myself.  I should improve my learn some chess and poker skills.  No, it's definitely too late for that.

Sing your song, Tina!


Paws on the Run said...

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good.

Jane/WTKnits said...

Oh no. Thinking of you.

Ginny said...

You let it go, girl!!! Tell them your opinion! Being a volunteer, you are too precious to lose! I know that all the dedicated and reliable work you put in, you are entitled to voice your opinion! I KNOW that Piggy would!

koko said...

I hate office politics! You do such a good job - your opinion is valuable.
Hang in there!

Angie said...

I now have a mental picture of you with your fingers in your ears & singing at the top of your voice. Of course you must be wearing at the very least a pink boa!

Rudee said...

I saw a tee shirt in Florida with a monkey that had his fingers in his ears. The caption said, "la, la, la, la, la, I can't hear you." I think you need that tee shirt.

Don't know what's going on with your office politics, but you just keep on visually transporting yourself to that sweet place for, this too, shall pass.


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