Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is the sort of victory that is 'snatched from the jaws of defeat'.  And certainly not the victory I had imagined.

 I went off yesterday to find the perfect sock yarn for my lacy stockings.  I was meeting a friend at Dressew where the sock yarn is 1.99 a ball.  Real brands - not some no-name stuff.  But, there she was lounging outside the store with the news that there was a 5-% off sale going on inside.  How great is that?  I thought.

  Apparently not great because the place was a madhouse of crafters and costume creators with sharp elbows and loaded baskets.  Then there were the queues for the cash registers which were humming happily.  Oh, my!

We rolled up our sleeves, pulled our hats over our ears and dove inside.  She found her zipper.  I found only yarn that would produce well-defined and bold striped socks.  Not really going to work for my stockings.  We didn't think it worthy to stand in line for half an hour or more so we went to lunch. 

At Peckinpah's.  We always try something new when we get together.  You can read about it here.

Then we decided to go shoe shopping at Army and Navy.  This store is always clearing cool shoes - sort of like Winners only better.  Amazing shoes.  I found a gorgeous pair of purple slingbacks.  The perfect shade of purple with a cute silver  buckle on the open toe.   Nah, I left them there for someone else to take home.  I mean, really, where would I wear them?  They were dress shoes!

They also had a bunch of styles from some place called Naughty Monkey.  See example above - a very tame example but the best I can find online.  I tried one on which was such a piece of sculpture - in Chinese reds and oranges with mahogany wood accents -  that it should be on your shelf not your foot.  I loved it.  But couldn't really squeeze my foot in...even though it was a size larger than I normally wear.   We had such fun...did I mention the mauve ankle boots?  Heaven might be an exotic shoe store where you can try on as many shoes as possible for as long as you like.

I call that a victory.  But I'm still looking for the sock yarn.  I don't give up that easy. 


EmptyNester said...

Our DD2 and DD3 would have LOVED trying on shoes! I'm afraid they wouldn't have left anything behind though. And DD2, if she didn't have anything to wear with the shoes? She would have then gone to find an outfit! LOL

Rudee said...

Well I think those shoes you describe would be perfect for modeling the stockings. Should go back and pick them up--if for nothing else than Ruby Tuesday!

cindy said...

Stephanie sounds like fun. I know when Victoria (D2) and I go out we usually pick the ugliest pair of anything and try putting it on. I'm not a Cinderella foot either.

Those socks are going to look nice.

Ginny said...

Sorry you couldn't find the yarn, but you still had fun, so that's cool! Is that your yarn in the picture? I'm thinking it is, because it's so pretty! And that is where those kinds of shoes need to stay, on the shelf!! Women are having their toes surgically shortened to wear them!

Mimi said...

Can you imagine if heaven really was like that? We'd all be fighting over them! Unless, that is, there were unlimited pairs of each type, a loaves and fishes thing! I'd settle for being able to wear them for an hour without my foot falling off - oh for the days of youth!
I know you'll get your yarn eventually, and look forward to seeing when the right one turns up.

Angie said...

I take it you will stick to your Saucony runners then!!!


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