Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the Pink

Yesterday was another play day.  I've decided that I need to hang up the computer and shelve the emails for at least one day a week.  Yesterday was it.

Not that I did much with the day.  We took the bus downtown and found a much saner Dressew atmosphere.  True, the 1/2 price sale was over but the crowds were gone.  And really, is it hard to pay $2.00 a ball for sock yarn?  I found some bright colors and I think I know a couple of little girls who like them.  And like their Grammy socks, too.  Can't ever have too many socks, can you? 

After exhausting ourselves fondling testing the softness of all the yarns on display, we trolled the costume and accessories aisles - just for fun.  The stuff you can buy - jaw-dropping!  Ready for lunch, we headed back about half a block to this delightful restaurant: Nuba.  I love Lebanese food and had a yummy felafel in a pita.  Anne had a glass of their fresh-pressed juice - a specialty of the place.  This is orange, beet and honey...pretty tasty.  The place is crowded, warm, noisy and it smells delicious.  It feels a bit like being in a cave underground with the arched ceilings and seeing people's feet walking by above. 

Then I came home and finished the Valentine Candy socks.  A little late but who cares about that?  I'm wearing them today.  Nice bright feet on a gray, rainy day.  My awkward stance is to show off the arch shaping on the foot.   I like these a lot.  It's a fun technique and is really quite easy.  The fit is great.  Try them:  Paulies Socks by Jane Prater. 

Now to go brighten up tai chi with all this pink.


Ginny said...

They are bright, fun, and beautiful!! If a ball of sock yarn is two dollars, how many pairs will it make? One? One day off each week is good.

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - one ball of this yarn will make one adult sock. Two socks if it's for kids.

deb said...

Great sock yarns! At $2 a ball, it is a tonne of fun!

koko said...

The socks are just beautiful! I enjoyed seeing them at tai chi on such a blah day.

Are they knit from the toe up?

cindy said...

This is great sock yarn. It is almost like taking a day off work when you step away from the computer. I have taken many days off in a row each week. Come the summer time and when things pick up here I'll be taking more than a few days. Anyway I need a pair of socks, how do I get them?

Catherine said...

I LOVE your sock yarn! I am making socks right now with a yarn that has an inbuilt design, it is stripey, I got it in Lidl (German discount store all over Europe, great for bargains and quality stuff too) and they are lovley. I wish I could get a variety of wool like yours. I love those socks, must check the link.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You spend some hours in good compagny, and got yarn, food and drinks :-D


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