Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nature's Art

Just a few more photos from our walk on the wild side.  Art that is created by nature seems to be always transient...

The Indian plum is one of the first spring blossoms in our woodlands.  Soon those glittery raindrops will have dried and the leaves will have pushed out a bit more.  In a couple of days,  white blooms will be hanging from the branches.  But the camera captures this state forever.

This old tree trunk is probably a remnant from a log boom that washed up in a stormy high tide.  Now, its color changes and fades with the wind, rain and sun. 

The grain has such wonderful patterns.

The seagulls have played their part by dropping a shell making the composition that much better.  I can see a similarity between the worn patterns on the big knot and some Haida carving designs. 

The gull also leaves its footprints in the mud.  Soon to be washed away with tide.

And watching it all is Driftwood Woman.   She only appears from this angle.  Walk past and she's gone. 

I wonder what will be on display next time we visit?


Rudee said...

You need to enlarge and frame these photos. They're beautiful!

Ginny said...

I LOVE that old log!!! It is really georgous. And the gull's tracks are priceless! Driftwood woman, wow, I see her!!! How COOL!!! Now I want you to go here much more often and bring us back gems like this!!

EmptyNester said...

Wonderful post! Nature's art...perfect title!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.

Angie said...

Makes you wonder why we 'do art' when all around us is so beautiful. These are super shots. Thanks.


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