Friday, March 4, 2011


It's been a pretty good week.  I thought I should share when it's good too since I've spent a lot of time kvetching recently.  I had a fantastic planning session with our Board.  Thinking about the future is always exciting.  Thinking that this is a realistic future is even more so.

Then yesterday, I welcomed a roomful of new members to our seniors association.  That was such a high for my week.  People chatted and shared and made new friends.  They came away with a sense of discovery, too.  Our label of 'seniors' is just that: a label.  Everyone has an interesting story...and an equally interesting outlook for the future.  I think most new members are a little frightened to think they've gone through a door they never thought would be opened. 

And, meanwhile, the children are being neglected.  Look at my poor 'babies'!  The baskets have begun to overflow with all the donations to the thrift store.  They didn't want any new stock for a while and I just let them wait while I wrestled with other life stuff. 

I've been washing and dressing them and the babies are mostly done.  Now, they get priced and sealed in plastic ready to begin their new life.

The big sisters get left to the end.  It's so much easier to deal with those infants.  Barbies and Bratz have such complicated lifestyles.  And so many clothes!  What to choose?  I know the little girls like them all to look like princesses in ball gowns.  But I soon run out of those.  There are lots of clubbing dresses but that's boring for me.  So, I just have some fun and create personalities through their outfits.  At least, it works for me.  I have noticed that some of my favorites don't sell as quickly as the ones in shiny dresses.  I do like my kids to be quirky! 

Back to work.


Mimi said...

Glad you had a good week, Stephanie!
Your dolls are great,I remember reading your previous posts about them, and marvelled at how you put them all together. Barbie shoes were the thing that used to drive me mad! They got lost so easily!

Rudee said...

I love that you still play with dolls!

I'm so glad your week is looking up.

Rudee said...

And Stephanie? Thank you for your very thoughtful comment today. You're such a kind person.

Ginny said...

Where do you get the clothes and stuff to fix them up? And where are thry sold? I knew all this, but have since forgotten. You haven't posted on them in a long time. Do you ever knit them anything?

Rose said...

Love the dolls! Glad you had a good meeting. Caught up on your posts; love the pig sign and was amazed by the black squirrel. We have brown and grey ones down here, I don't think I've ever seen a black one!

Rose said...

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with jammies! But I do love the elegant dressing gown pattern!

Jane/WTKnits said...

Love that you give the dolls new life!

Glad that you've had a better week, Stephanie.

Catherine said...

You are a busy woman Stephanie! I love the idea that you dress up the dolls- do you sell them on for fund-raising? As for the Butterworth's pattern - love that housecoat - I'd like the figure to wear it so elegantly! I'm still busy with knitting -socks and baby cardis!
All the best, Catherine


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