Saturday, March 12, 2011


We ran out this morning, through the raindrops, to see a new exhibition at a local gallery.  There were about 60 hand-hooked rugs arranged around the gallery.  They were all so bright and beautiful and the hookers are very talented.  Looking at them  made me realize how long it's been since I actually held the hook in my hand.  It's just too hard right now to get to it.

When I hook, I need a lot of hours in a row.  I can't just pick it up like knitting a sock.  It's not particularly social, either.  So, I go off into a room for hours at a time with CBC playing classical music to me.  But, lately, my time is all accounted for.  Or, maybe I'm just too lazy to work it in to my life schedule. 

But I miss it and I will get back to it.. And an exhibit like this makes me really want to.  Isn't that a cheeky chick?


koko said...

Where was the exhibit, Stephanie? I would like to see it!

Rudee said...

I love that chick! I think I understand about time constraints, but if you look, just maybe you'll find some. Just don't look this weekend, because we're about to lose another precious hour.

Anonymous said...

I haven't made it to the exhibit yet, maybe on Sunday.


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