Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday wonders - X

X is for Xing.

Many years ago,  after university exams,  I went on a great adventure - a road trip to California with a friend.  We drove her VW beetle and even slept in it.  I can still remember the dunes of Oregon and the coolness of the morning at a campground as I emerged from the car. I also remember how awkward sleeping in that car was.

One thing always reminds of that time: a PED XING sign.  As we drove through the many little towns along the Coast Highway, I kept seeing them.  I could not figure out what they meant.   But I was young and hadn't travelled much.  Where I come from, we call them 'crosswalks'.  It just never occurred to me that others might have a different word.  I'd never seen an X as a short way of writing 'cross'' or I might have twigged sooner. 

We were in California before I saw one that had a graphic attached.  That was my aha! moment.  I have lots and lots of great - and a few not so great - memories of that excellent adventure.   But learning about Xings was iconic.  Funny the things that stick in your mind forever. 


Joanna said...

Oh my! As soon as I saw your image on my sidebar my mind went right to that trip, Stephanie. I recall it so clearly too. (Sleeping in a VW beetle is kind of unforgettable.)

There was one crosswalk that had the words: Xing Xing. It could have referred to some kind of Chinese music. Thanks for the memories.

Ginny said...

I would love to hear some of your stories from that road trip, were you two the Thelma and Louise of your day? I'm just catching up with yesterday's post, what wonderful rugs, I would never tread on them! I love the butterfly. I had no idea that hooking is so intensive!

Mimi said...

Sounds eXciting, I think a trip like that would have been right up my street!
I wouldn't have guessed from the sign, until I read your words. Probably that's why I never get dignbats in table quizzes!

Rudee said...

What fun! Is that xing sign something like squeezing right or left instead of merging? I like (new to me) road signs, too.

April said...

I've never seen this sign. Nice to recall the fun times. When my husband and I were first married, we had a red (Montana Red to be precise) Volkswagen Van that we used for camping and touring around.


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