Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday wonders - Z

Z is for ZZZZ

This is how we all felt after a day doing this:

Sewing roller skate buttons onto a sweater - it's finally finished.  Hurray! says Becky.

Swirling our rainbow flyers...

Who has the biggest bubble?

Or this one?

Maybe this one?

We even got some lettuce and spinach seeds planted in the garden.  Salad days are a-comin'.

This is the end of this alphabet round.  On Friday, I'm joining Karen G's A-Z Challenge.  Every day during the month of April, my blog will be dedicated to one letter of the alphabet. So I'll just wind this whole alphabet up with a fast finish round.  There are over 600 people participating in this challenge.  You can too.  Just hop over to the link and sign in.  Maybe the real challenge is getting around to all the bloggers playing.


Ginny said...

What adorable grandchildren and great pictures!! Did they have a sleepover at your house this weekend? Very cool bubble pictures! But I am getting tired just looking at them, even ONE can tire me out!! I want to see the pink sweater and also a close-up of the buttons!

Rudee said...

Do you have some zzzzzs to spare? I think I could use some!

Joanna said...

I love the photo of you with your grandchildren and the roller skate buttons. Adorable. I'll check out the A-Z challenge because I've so enjoyed your Sunday Wonders. Not sure if I can manage one a day but I'll try.

Rose said...

Looks like it was a lovely day! Your purple socks are gorgeous!! And incredibly thrifty and resourceful too.

Mimi said...

Oh bubbles, I love them!
The child in the last photo is the image of you, Stephanie, I'd know a mile away that she's your granddaughter!
These alphabet series are soooo enjoyable, and you're very inventive with the letters, so i look forward to the April challenge- seeing yours, that is, not doing it myself!


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