Monday, August 22, 2011

Dinner Guest?

Dinner's on the grill and this fellow has invited himself to the party.

Isn't he a handsome hopper?  To me he looks like a crayfish or a lobster. Look at those eyes and the sweeping antennae.   Perhaps he's a tiny, distant cousin...what do you think?

Today we have rain but I'm not unhappy.  The garden really needed to have a good soak.  Of course, I feel much better about it because I know it won't last for more than a day.  It's easy to be tolerant when I know summer will be back.  And this is so good for the winter garden of spinach and beet sprouts trying to grow up.


EmptyNester said...

That's funny cause I was thinking he looked like a crayfish!

We need rain too but I sure don't want it from hurricane Irene!

Rudee said...

He's so colorful! I hope he didn't get cooked ;-).

Ginny said...

Gads! I STILL remember when you posted that cellar spider a few years ago. That WAS you, wasn't it? This is even more weird, it has like pinchers on the behind. Looks like a cross between a grasshopper, a cricket, and a praying mantis.


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