Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too much information?

So, I've been spending a couple of days with the Bratz. Do you know these young people? 

When they arrive at our house, they're mostly hair, attitude and NO feet.  When I first saw these dolls, I was shocked.  But as I've gotten to know them better, I'm enjoying their new-fangled ways.

Like most young girls, they need to be painted into their jeans.  How little girls' fingers have the strength to pull these on, I don't know.  Their hands are so big that putting a long sleeve over them requires a kind of shoe-horn. 

The hair gets tamed - a little.  Clean clothes are found for each one.  This is not an easy task as their clothes are similar in size to big sister, Barbie, but tighter.  Shoes are always a challenge because there just are never enough.  They just click on those stumpy legs...they're huge to balance those outsize heads, I think. 

 From their hair to their shoes, Bratz are emphatically NOT Barbies.  In fact, they make Barbie seem so old.  Not even a big sister - almost a mother.  Every change that the doll designers try only shows this to be true.  You can't put new styles on the old shape.  Sad to say, Barbie is so dated. 

Working in Bratz world means everything ends in 'Z'.  There are Boyz and Babyz and Mermaidz. The pouty mermaid actually squirts water through her lips.  Without water, you get a kind of wolf whistle.  Girlz will be girlz.

And the boys are slightly more interesting than Ken and his friends.  But, like them, they are simply a bit more buffed and beefy versions of the girls.  To me they have less personality - and definitely weirder hair. 

There is no end to the attitude.  Look at this group.  Can't you just read the body language?  The eye-rolling?  It's fun to create stories for each one as I dress her/him.  I couldn't resist posing these glittery stars all together.  What do you think is going on?


Ginny said...

YOU are a miracle worker! I think you have missed your calling as a beautician! But how do you find new feet? The little mermaid ones are cute, I may pick them up for Anne Marie!

Mimi said...

Ah, the Bratz, I remember them!
But they've obviously advanced since my day, don't remember mermaidz, squirting water at people, very naughty.
They certainly do have attitude, don't they? You've done a great job cleaning them up! I agree with Ginny, missed call as a beautician.

KarenG said...

That last photo shoot cracks me up, it looks so real!!

Angie said...

Bring on the Red Carpet & let the papazzira flash away!

Anonymous said...

That last group of bratz have attitude and egos, it looks like they are trying out for a reality tv show.
It is always fun, to see what you get up to with the dolls.

Joanna said...

Well, I am just so out of it. I've never even heard of Bratz. But I have to say they do have style. More style than Barbie. Still I am wondering about those shoes that attach to the bottom of the legs. It's just not natural! ;)

Anonymous said...

All sorts of dolls is and has never been me, but a few years, paper dolls just me - and I designed clothes and accessories for my two friends ;-)

Thanks for being a blogfriend, dolls or not *LOL*

Rudee said...

"When they arrive at our house, they're mostly hair, attitude and NO feet." You crack me up. Thank you for the laugh out loud moment today.

Take care now...Hollywood is going to come calling and you'll be the next great stylist to the stars. Next thing you know, you'll be too busy to entertain your readers.

Madeleine said...

Yes they are rather creepy aren't they? LOL! :O)

cindy said...

Oh Geez, thesez are amazing. Can't imagine this arriving at my door after the empty next thing and having to take care of dressing, looking somewhere for feet, clothes and whatever else. They sure are lucky to have landed on your door. No kidding attitude, I saw that in the last picture, great though just love being sassy myself sometimes. Thanks a bunch, and thanks for stopping by my "Grannies Panties" post and commenting, lol. http://goo.gl/UkYpn Bye for nowz


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