Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday wonders - N

N is for Nature.

This summer, nature needs a helping hand.  The squash have, in gardens past, produced  some fruit that hasn't grown up.  Our garden guru (thanks, Maria) gave us a bit of advice about how squash pollinate.  Since we've had so much rain, we thought that bringing in some labor to assist the bees on rainy days would be helpful.  Then, we started really watching for the bees.  There aren't near as many this year as we have had in previous summers.  I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining this. 

This is a hard worker from a couple of years ago.  We still have the same flowers as we did when the bees were plentiful.  I wonder if someone on the block has even better stuff and they've all been charmed away?  I see a bee-house in next year's garden. 


EmptyNester said...

My squash have failed for the second year in a row. I need to borrow your garden guru!

Ginny said...

Gosh, what is that second flower? So you are helping to pollinate the squash? There seem to be more bees here this year than last, I don't know why! Maybe you need to plant flowers that will attract them!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I likes squash very much, but this year we let other doing the work :) Next year we planed returning to a homeproduction :-D
Have a great week Stephanie!

Rudee said...

We've seen some bees here, but more wasps than anything. A bee house sounds interesting.

You've had unusual weather this year. Perhaps the squash don't like that much.


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