Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday wonder - O

O is for Oregano - our garden's superhero.

I know it really shouldn't go to seed but see how the bees love the flowers?

They work so hard all day buzzing in the sweet little blossoms.

This is good for our tomatoes which were looking kind of hopeless during the cooler, wet weather of July.

And now, the bean flowers which live right next to the oregano are also happy. The bees take frequent side trips to all the surrounding flowers.  I guess variety is good for them, too. 

And we shall have beans very soon.  Thank you, oregano - and bees!


EmptyNester said...

Your garden posts always make me feel so calm and peaceful! The bees have been busy around our flowers too but I've been too busy to pay attention to them. After this post, I will take the time this week!

Rudee said...

Busy, busy bees. That's a good thing! The oregano flower is pretty.

Ginny said...

I don't think I've ever seen a reed bean flower like this, so stunning with the red! The bee pics are excellent, you got his eyes really good!

Angie said...

If there were no bees we would all be dead! (So I've heard). I can see 4 pics today, think that's all except Oreano.

Anonymous said...

Next year I'll put our oregano out in the backgarden, when we again will have some tomato-, squash-, beansplants and other delicius things ;-)
Have a great week!


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