Thursday, January 26, 2012

The January Garden

The sun is shining today after a couple of days of downright nasty weather.  Much to my horror I saw a little of the dreaded 'thick rain' last night.  But today all is peaceful and bright.

I took Miss Piggy out to sunbathe on the deck of our newest bird house.  Who knows when she'll get this chance again.  Our house this year was designed with our laid-back west coast living in mind.  Thanks, Jim, it looks wonderful.  And, while, Miss P is happy, I will bring her in so that she doesn't put off prospective buyers of the latest real estate. 

While she was catching some rays, I looked for signs of spring.  I did find a few...

Some snowdrops which will need another few days of warmth.  I did tuck the leaves around them again.

A hellebore which is almost in bloom.  This is Ivory Prince...Hot Flash comes a little later.

Here is a rugosa which we took out last fall.  Or we thought we had.  Now I'm going to fret over whether to leave this plant which has worked hard to survive or just be ruthless.  I hate it when I have to make the decision all over was hard enough the first time.  Aren't those thorns wicked looking?

Snuggled up against a warm south wall are the beginnings of our wonderful bluebell show.  It'll be a while yet...I couldn't see any flower buds.

A wee columbine showing its intricate swirl of leaves.  So out of time that I can't imagine how it has managed to grow at all.

And, last, a soldierly march of garlic plants strutting down the side of the garden bed.  We had enough garlic to last until Christmas this year.  We're planning to do better next.  Store garlic is nothing like fresh. 

Now that I've fed the compost, picked some spinach and chard for tonight's soup I'll take Miss P and go back where it's warmer for me.


Ginny said...

I love Miss Piggy on the little birdhouse porch, and I love the birdhouse! I even enlarged it to get a better look. So cute!! It has been like summer here, that's just not right! Jonquils are coming up and everyone is sick. We need a few good nights of winter frost to kill the mold, ticks, and germs!

EmptyNester said...

Some of the local bushes and trees are blooming. I guess they'll die off if winter ever does show itself. I hate that for them- being fooled and all by this ridiculous weather. We tried to grow garlic last year but were unsuccessful. Any tips?

Kim said...

I love that birdhouse. Sweet. I just put my first one up in the backyard this summer and now I want more.
Where are you to get buds already??

Sue H said...

We have buds and shoots everywhere in my part of the UK - been so mild I still have geraniums blooming from last Summer. I can't help but feel a vicious frost is just waiting for everything to emerge before a cold snap burns everything off. Never known such a mild Winter - have hardly needed the heating, really!

Mimi said...

Your new birdhouse is really beautiful. It must be great to have the talent to make that.
Loved the walk around your garden, and your columbine is lovely.

J.G. said...

Lots of good things on their way to you -- how nice! Love seeing the "before" shots of the garden.

Rudee said...

Nothing so fancy as Miss Piggy catching rays in Detroit. In fact, it's spitting rain that's threatening to turn to the thick stuff. Wet, dreary, to cloudy to catch the display of the Northern Light's? Yep...winter in Detroit.

I do love your garden offerings though. They make me hopeful.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOVE all the fresh life peaking out! And, I envy you your fresh chard and spinach. There is just nothing like fresh! blessings ~ tanna

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Oh thank you for the little shot of spring!! We just got snow, sleet, and freezing rain overnight. I plan to plant all those lovely flowers this year. This will be the year of the garden for me here in this new house!! Enjoy!!

Rachel Cotterill said...

What is 'thick' rain...?


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