Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday wonders - I

I is for Itching.

 I've mentioned before that my parents had a saying for every occasion.  My mother's list was much gentler - but no less colorful - than my father's.  She had two that involved body itching.  If your palms itched, you were going to get some money.  If your feet itched, you were going to travel.  

These were sayings that I heard at least weekly as early as I can remember.  In my mind, getting money was becoming RICH.  And traveling, well, that was traveling.  You went far away.   My mother neglected to share that  the money and the travel could be very small: finding a penny or going next door.

 As a child, I loved comic books.  One of the best things about them, besides the stories, was the advertising on the inside front and back covers.  Once I saw an ad for itching powder.  Now you can imagine how exciting that was.  If I could make the itching happen, would the sayings come true?  Did I mention I was pretty young?

I still respond to an itch in my palm or my foot with hope.  I still think the money will be a worthy prize, not just buttons, and that the travel will take me somewhere exotic.  Best of all, there will be no effort to this travel or riches:  it will be like magic.  Itching can be a good thing.

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Farm Girl said...

I loved those sayings and I wish I could remember more of them. Just the other day I heard my teenager say, " Wow my ears are burning, I wonder who is talking about me?" I cracked up, I don't think I ever said that but they remembered. I remember the itchy palms. I like your old picture of you on that big horse.

Stephanie V said...

FG : That's my mother on the horse. And yes, the burning ears saying, too.

Mimi said...

I love all those sayings, I find them fascinating. Did you have one along the lines of "knife to the floor= man to the door"? A flatmate of mine (in former days!) had loads of those, we used to laugh at ther so much!
Wouldn't it be great if you could just scratch your palms and be magically transported to the place you wanted to go? just a thought!

Rudee said...

And if your nose itches, you'll kiss a fool. I always worried about that one.

Ginny said...

My mom had the EXACT same two sayings!!!! And where did you find that cute pink boat, is it yours? Is it a toy?

Angie said...

One hand meant getting money the other giving it (or paying out!) - the trouble is I can't remember which is which!!!

Cindy said...

When I read your posts often it reminds me of my mom, somehow I keep thinking we connect. Daily saying, yours brought back a smile to my face, thanks, Cindy


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