Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Stash

I've had a bit of a hiatus from blogging.  Well, no, that's not true.  I've been visiting everyone but I've just not felt that I had anything to say.  So this past week I've been knitting, of course, and reading.  Reducing those stashes takes time.  The pile of books is dwindling down.  Do you have books in you TBR pile that keep being left at the bottom?  This should tell me something, I think, probably that I should be sending those books to the thrift shop - nope, can't do it yet.

 My yarn stash is going down as I make quick progress on the Midnight Rose tunic.  Here it is almost to the armholes.  I can't get the color right - even outside the flash insists on going off.  And no flash is just as bad.  I gave up.   So just imagine a richer, darker version.  This is a fantastic pattern.  Very easy and all in the round.  

And, remember I gave myself permission to use new yarns.  No I haven't bought any yet.  I'm using one of my gift yarns...I guess when they come as gifts they become part of the stash, right?  Anyway, this was such a pretty yarn and it feels so good - definitely qualifies as a yummy yarn.   The colors remind me of how the desert in the Southwest looks after the hot sun has set.  The bright colors all kind of soften and blend.  The shapes of the rocks become more rounded but you can still see the textures and details.  So, all me to introduce the Desert Shadows Scarf.  This is my own pattern so I can't link for you.  I'll publish it on Ravelry when it's done. 

And, the freezer got reorganized this week.  And all the toys we've had for the grandkids were edited and organized.  Everything seems to be a stash around here.

I seem to be creeping up on my 1000th post...I can't quite believe that I've had that much to say.  In celebration - and amazement - I'd like to have some kind of giveaway.  Stay tuned.


Paws on the Run said...

Love the scarf!!

EmptyNester said...

Armholes? Hahahaha! I can't even imagine putting armholes in something! Unless it means I've dropped some stitches by accident. LOL

Of course, that's not my issue. I always end up with extra stitches. My mother says she has no idea in the world how I do that. :)

Rudee said...

You are a fast knitter!

I have been stockpiling books (both real books and ebooks) for about 6 months now in anticipation of a nasty election year. I plan to spend my year actively avoiding political rhetoric. I've already started reading, but kick me, would you? It's a rather political look at the aftermath of 9/11. Duh.

Mimi said...

Smiling at "this should tell me something" !!
Also at "everything is a stash round here" - here too, Stephanie!
Your knittings (both) are beautiful, I'm in love with the second one, maybe that will be the trigger to get me started again. Had great intentions over the hols, but nothing cast on yet!
I can't believe you're near 1000 posts! Wow! Each one has been a lovely read. Congrats.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Looks like your tunic is coming along very nicely!! Love that Desert Shadow scarf. And, congratulations on making it to 1000 posts! That's impressive! blessings ~ Tanna

cindy said...

Sometimes the words don't come as easy as knitting, that ok. I think your stash will always be full. Love the way you describe your yummy new yarn. I have been thinking about a giveaway myself but I'll have to read more on what or how before I dig in, I'll be interested in following yours. I can't imagine 1000 blog posts, good for you.

Have a great week my friend.

J.G. said...

Oh, the Desert Shadows scarf! So lovely! Want, want, want.

There's something so cool about the whole pattern plus yarn equation.


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