Friday, January 20, 2012


I have been spending a lot of time with my rug hook this past week.  One thing I have noticed is how a solitary a pursuit this is.  More like quiliting and less - a lot less - like knitting.  Knitting is much more social.  But with the hooking I am in my own little world of wool bits, color and shapes.  There's lots of time to think and ponder the big questions in life.  

Yesterday I was thinking about shapes.  I was looking at the heart and wondering why I keep putting hearts in my rugs.  If you look you'll find that it's the most common motif.  Not that every rug has one but there are enough to make a tiny trend.  I decided that it was the shape of the heart as much as its meaning. 

This is my favorite shape.  I've known this since I started quilting back in the last century - just had to say that.  My favorite quilts are patchwork and usually scrappy. I have noticed that while it is easier to make squares and rectangles - and much easier to sew them together - I actually like the look of triangles better.  My favorite patterns are those based on the pinwheel.  

Which brings me to the shape of the heart.  Have you ever noticed that it is triangular?  Me neither - until yesterday.  There are a lot of reasons to use hearts in my designs: meaning, color, symmetry and ease of drawing.  But I think it's the shape.  Then I started wondering if other people had a shape that made them happy.  Do you?

Here's a completely different shape and topic.  I actually think this little beast looks hilarious.  I have no idea why but it makes me laugh.  Not so funny is the amount of shredding we've been doing in the last few days.    So much that we've burned through yet another  shredder (this is number four, I think) and had to make an emergency run to buy a new one.  Here he is: tough, capable and silly-looking.

The snow you see reflected is now at the mercy of the rain.


Mimi said...

Your rug is looking beautiful Stephanie! The way you've mixed colours into it is fab. It's hard to believe it's made from leftovers.

I'm not sure if I have a favourite shape, but I certainly do like those hearts of yours. And I like the underlying significance, made with love, given with love, and loved all through the rug's life.
This comment is nearly turning into musings!!

Rudee said...

With your hook, you seem to make poetry of matters of the heart.

Ginny said...

That is a serious looking shredder, almost looks like a cute robot. Yes, I love round shapes, and have a post coming up on it like your triangle one here! Well, I will tell you I am in very good shape now. Because round is a shape!!

EmptyNester said...

Is that the rug you are making now? It's gorgeous! Now I want to start hooking rugs! We've burned up three shredders. This is getting crazy. LOL

Rachel Cotterill said...

Is it less sociable just because it's bigger and less easy to carry around? I usually tend to knit & crochet by myself (or at home with my husband).

Joanna said...

Interesting topic. For me it's a spiral, but it's not nearly as easy to do designs with. Whenever I doodle I make spirals, although I also really like squares spiraling into the centre.

That shredder looks very capable. We don't have one and maybe we should. It would encourage me to get rid of some piles of paper.

Cindy said...

Hum, I'm not a hooker but a scrapper and I love your rug hooking, hearts like triangles? No I never thought of them that way until you mentioned it. Favourite shape... slim that is what I'm working towards and concentrating hard on these days. I'll still be around just need to catch up is all. Paper shredding seems to be another hobby for you, yes? take care my friend, cindy


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