Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Stash

This view was sort of expected this folks really enjoy making a mountain out of a mogul, don' they?  It wasn't a particularly welcome view, though.  I have already gifted our snow to all my bloggy friends who really love it and have none yet.  I love how the snow has collected on our improvised (circle of sheet metal) squirrel baffle.  In the fall, two of our bigger - and younger - squirrels managed to climb up the metal pole and spent about five happy moments cleaning out the sunflower seeds.  We think we have them stymied - for the moment.

Good thing I've been knitting some warm woollies this week.  What have I been knitting?  Even better question: what have I finished?   I'll start with my only work in progress right now: the Midnight Rose tunic.  Oh, I think it's going to be so pretty.  I was making great strides and then got a bit distracted by some other stuff.    I've got the color a bit better this week (it's darker than this) and can you see the lovely tangle of cabling?  This is a fun, fun pattern.  No cable needle necessary as you never cross more than one stitch.  I do have to count, though.  Rows, the round that's a lot to keep track of as you increase and decrease at the same time in some places.

I finished the Desert Shadows scarf and have the pattern on Ravelry as a free download.  Go here if you'd like to try it.  You'll need about 400 meters of 4ply fingering to make a scarf. 

After I had written up the pattern, I wanted to make another test knit just to be sure.  The pattern is very easy but the writing, as always, can get lost in my translation.  So, I cast on some leftover sock yarn for a swatch.  It looked so pretty I just kept going 'til the string ran out.  I sewed on two stash buttons  which can easily slip through a dropped-stitch 'ladder'.  Now I have my Swatch Band.  It makes a neat little neck-warmer or a headband to keep the ears warm.

In danger of becoming a UFO, these white socks begged me to finish them.  The only thing wintery is their name -  Snowberry socks.  I think, being cotton, they'll be waiting in the drawer for some warmer weather before I actually wear them. 

Not a bad week on the knitting front.  Now if you could just bring your shovels and buckets and take all this snow away.  Please?  While I wait for you, I'll be knitting.  I have some red recycled yarn that wants to be a jacket.  Sounds perfect for a snowy day.


Rudee said...

Can't help you with the snow...we finally got a bit of our own last night. Just keep telling yourself a little snowpack is good for the garden.

I'm loving the tunic. The colors and stitching go together beautifully.

I'm off to check out your pattern!

Emille said...

Good there's knitting for snowy days - you're knitting fast and furious here!

Although you don't make much of it, your bird seed holder is a cute pic!

Mimi said...

Oh how I wish I could just hop on over with my shovel! We've had no snow, and I want my whitefix!
You never cease to amaze me with your creativity: the headband/scarf is wonderful, and what a great way to use up a small amount of yarn and 2 buttons.
I'm still "intending" on the knitting front, had great intentions over Christmas but the family events overtook me. Soon...

Joyful said...

After hearing for days about the snow, I was surprised to see so little, lol. Perhaps more tomorrow?

Joyful said...

p.s. I love all your knitted things. They look so warm and cosy.

Ginny said...

I love the design on those white socks. They look like you bought them at a boutique. And the swatch is unique and I can think of lots of uses for it! You are welcome to come over here and squirrel-proof my bird feeders. I'll even fix you a cup of hot tea!

Sue H said...

Lovely pictures! Am impressed with the cables!
So glad we don't have snow here - just very cold!

Keep knitting! :-)

Joanna said...

We have snow here on the hill too. I laughed at the mountain out a mogul statement.

But really Stephanie, your knitting projects are just too beautiful for words. I adore the colour of that midnight rose yarn. It almost makes me want to take up knitting--although I don't know where I'd find the time.

Angie said...

That tunic looks amazing! Love the colour. It's so hot here that the mear thought of snow cools me down.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Loving that tunic I tell you!! The snow looks very beautifu, but I am in hopes of the 60s tomorrow! ;) You are on a roll! Knit on! blessings ~ tanna

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'll take any snow you don't want! :)

J.G. said...

Snow is great for motivating indoor project progress, isn't it? It's been chilly enough here (40's daytime -- cold for us) that I have had a little sample of that.

Still in love with your scarf!


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