Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Stash

The snow has come and is going, going...almost gone.  The snow melt is quite dramatic once the rain comes.  I know I don't have any more excuses to stay in and knit but hey!  when did I ever need an excuse?

This is the best color capture yet!

This week, I have focused on my two big projects.  And I started one little one.  First up:  the Midnight Rose Tunic.  I have one sleeve to go and then I knit on the neckband.  I feel like Cinderella's mice running around hurriedly fashioning the ball gown.  Not that there is any pressure but my own.  This is a cool weather top and  I would like to have it finished by spring so Maria can wear it.  For some reason the sleeves are slowing me down.  Or maybe it's not the sleeves fault at all? 

There is this new girl in town.  Ooh, she's red and sassy!  I have finished the back and part of one front for my Year of the Dragon cardi.  This I want to have finished before the Chinese New Year. I won't need any firecrackers!

And, on Thursday, I looked at my gifted sock skeins from Christmas and decided to wind them into balls.  OK, that wasn't the smartest idea because now I'm hooked on knitting one of them up.  I loved the blue/gray/green tones in this seems so sophisticated.  I wanted to create a pattern that would show off the tones and be just as elegant as the yarn.  This is my Sophisticated Lady pattern.  It reminds me of the 1930's when the rich gals went to parties wearing long satin dresses cut on the bias - all in these same muted colors.  Or finely tailored suits with masses of couture detailing that we rarely see now.  Add open-toed pumps and a coiffure from the best salon and some Cole Porter on the Victrola....I was born too late, wasn't I?

I hope to have most of these finished by next week...and a whole new lot of projects.  I have them in my mind but my fingers can't work fast enough.


Rudee said...

That red is a glorious shade. Yes...firecracker does come to mind!

Who can resist sock yarn?

I'm looking forward to the finished tunic. Sleeves slow me down, too, and find if I don't knit them side by side, the project will languish.

Happy knitting! We got the remnants of your snow and tomorrow will get that rain. It's a stay at home weekend for me, and my needles are smokin' hot right now!

Mimi said...

They're one nicer than the next!
I love the colour of that red, it's so rich, and the pattern is perfect fro showing it off.
I remember the feeling of my fingers not moving fast enough!
We got no snow (yet, she says hopefully!), and barely a bit of frost! But I'm glad yours is melting, cos I know you're not a fan!

Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. see you soon!

EmptyNester said...

Well, there you go putting me to shame. Again. LOL

I LOVE that red! I may have mentioned before that red is my favorite color. :)

The color and design on the sock are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You do realize when the lunar new year starts don't you? But wonderful colours and I love that new sock pattern.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You are on a roll!! All of your projects are looking so good!! Knit on! blessings ~ Tanna

Ginny said...

Can't wait to see thhem finished, I love the cute red one!

Rose said...

Your projects are beautiful as always! I've been playing with yarn too, but we only got rain, no snow :(


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