Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's time to head off to Patrice's place to chat with all the folks who gather for a chat. It looks like the weather will be nice for a walk over to her place.

But before I go, I remembered that I promised to share the finished mat with you.  It is now bound and blocked - sounds like some kind of torture - and ready to be brilliant on a dull day.  I present  to you, "I Heart Colors" :

And now back to the chat.  There's a lot going on today and I'm a little late.  All that binding and blocking.   Let's jump in...

Joyful Keeper asks, "What makes you smile a happy,content smile in the course of a day?"  Oh, so many things.  A hot cup of tea just when I need it.  Sitting quietly with a good book.  Knitting, knitting, knitting. Just looking into the  garden makes me smile - even in winter.  Choosing colors for a rug.  The birds at the feeder.  My life is pretty great all day long. 

My Kid's Mom asks, "Are you married, single, or divorced?" Happy partnership.

.Empty Nester asks, " Do you have any home remedies for allergy or the common cold?"  I am fortunate enough not to have any allergies so I'm no help there.   A cold is something I avoid as much as possible and when I do get one it's rare these days.  But, I would like to have tea with lemon and honey when I do get one.  Some chicken vegetable soup would be nice, too.  

Stephanie asks, "How many different addresses did you have growing up?"  My family had seven different addresses before I was nine.  In that time, I went to two different schools and it would almost have been three but I was just shy of the cutoff date to start.  Then we bought a house and I lived there until I left for university.  My younger brother and I are the only ones who remember these first houses.  The other kids were too young or not around until the last one.  I don't actually remember the moving part at all (except for the last one) but it may explain why I have a need to stay put in a house.  The idea of moving fills me with dread. 

I've just recently realized_____________________. That I have to get back to my rug hooking.  It makes me happy to play with colors and designs.  A medium that lets me draw must be good...primitive rugs suit my kind of drawing. 

Come and join the party on the porch...just visit Everyday Rurality.  It's a fun midweek break.


Patrice said...

The heart mat is beautiful. I love the colors! I like your #1 answer. It sounds like you are quite happy and content with life. That's wonderful! Have a great week.

Kim said...

Great rug. So bright and cheery and a great way to use up leftover wool.

Rudee said...

The mat is beautiful and just in time for Valentines Day!

We didn't move often and I still feel I should stay put.

EmptyNester said...

I love the list of things that give you a happy, content smile. And that mat! So pretty!

Ginny said...

The mat is gorgeous!! You have great natural instincts about color!

Mimi said...

Beautiful rug, colours and shapes are perffectly matched in it. You're obviously very artistic and creative (like we didn't know this already!)

Isn't it great to be content in your own skin? smiling

Farm Girl said...

I love your rug!!! It looks so nice. I am so glad you posted a picture.
You know, it is weird to have kids that only remember the first house and the next bunch only remember the second house and then the last bunch only remember the house we live in now. I hadn't thought of that until I read your answer.
It is true.
I really enjoyed your answers today.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Your rug is so cheery with all the vivid colors. Perfect for the gray dull days of winter, I must say. Hot tea and soups are excellent ways to combat a cold or allery flare-up or to chase away the chill of a cold day. =D Thanks for visiting yesterday! I'm still lagging this week.

Anonymous said...

Ilove the little 9 patch mat with the heart. I had no idea you had so many houses growing up.

Rose said...

What a beautiful, beautiful mat! I love it!


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