Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I can smell spring!  I really can.  I took some photos of snowdrops yesterday but I didn't download them until this morning.  They weren't totally out but I thought they would help with the spring feeling.  Apparently my hand shook each time I snapped so they were a bit too soft focus.  Kind of hurt the eyes to look at them, actually.  And this morning it's a little damp for the camera.  Later.

So, instead of a bouquet of snowdrops, I'll grab a few carrots and speed off to Patrice's place to catch up with everybody on the porch already.  I see that there will be a nice cup of hot tea waiting for me.  Whew!  I made it and there seems to be a break in the conversation.  I'll just throw my question in, OK?

Stephanie asks, "What kind of competitions do you prefer to watch? Dancing, singing, or cooking? Hands down, for me it's cooking.  I used to watch American Idol but after Simon left I had nothing to keep my attention.  So, you can tell it wasn't the singing I was there for.  I don't like to watch any kind of dancing - I'd rather do it.  But cooking competitions?  They get me every time.   I especially like the mystery ingredients or a basket of weird ingredients.  These competitions inspire me as well as entertain.  I'm not bored yet.

My Kid's Mom asks, "Do you work? Are you retired? Are you a stay at home mom?  Retired.  I volunteer in the community but mostly I knit and play with fiber.  I am slowly getting back to my rug hooking and I hope to use more of my quilt fabric stash that has been waiting, waiting, waiting.  Then there's the spinning wheel...and the pile of books that want to be read.

Empty Nester asks, "What's your favorite thing about winter?  When it doesn't snow.  Hmmm, no, there must be something better than that.  It's nice to be able to wear all the wooly knits that I produce.  But, probably,  the best thing about winter is that my favorite season, spring, follows and sometimes quite closely.  

Homeschool on the Croft asks, "What do you love most about where you live?"  I love my home because it is a haven from the world and because it's packed full of everything I enjoy doing.  Plus I share it with the person I enjoy being with the most.  This part of the world - Canada's west coast - is one of the most beautiful places to live.  So, big picture or small I'm happy right where I am. 

Did you or your children(grandchildren too) ever have a dollhouse?  I did have a dollhouse.  It was painted metal with two floors.  I don't remember the furniture or the people but I'm sure they were there.  For some reason, I associate with Dick and Jane and Pleasant Street so I guess I had it when I started school.  Oddly, I don't remember my daughter having a dollhouse - she may correct me - but my grandkids have them.

Wendell asks, "If horses have blankets, why don't they get a pillow too?Good question, Wendell.  Wouldn't you rather have a carrot than a pillow? 

It's been fun but now I have to run.  I've got a busy day for my piano lesson this afternoon and I still have some theory to catch up on.  If you'd like to visit on the porch, just come over to Everyday Rurality and sign in.  Thanks for the tea, Patrice.


Jane said...

I'm so glad you could relate to the dollhouse! I remember the little plastic furniture, but we didn't have any people - our Barbies were too big to fit into it! LOL. So glad you stopped by hopping is so much fun. I just love discovering new blogs.

EmptyNester said...

I told Hubs that if the republicans get elected this year, I'm moving to your West Coast of Canada to enjoy the weather and learn to really knit. LOL

Ginny said...

We love cooking competitions, too, and never miss Top Chef, or The Next Food Network Star! Too bad we can't taste through the screen! At least with singing and dancing, and clothing design, we can see and judge along. I'm with you in winter!!!

Margo Kelly said...

Fun post! Thanks! :)

Andrea said...

is it possible that i had your metal dollhouse? I certainly remember one, but maybe it lived at Gran and Grampa's and I played with it there?

Tonja said...

I love Top Chef. I may never make gnocchi, but I think it's cool that I know what it is - sort of.

It's been very warm and rainy this winter where I live. This morning there was an inch of snow on the ground. It was awesome (and didn't last long).

Rudee said...

I do like Dancing with the Stars, but never got into Idol. I prefer cooking shows, too, and Top Chef is my favorite, followed closely by, Chopped.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Cooking shows are number one for me, too! I have enjoyed some seasons of Dancing With the Stars, though. Hope you had a wonderful piano lesson! blessings ~ tanna

Dreaming said...

Ahhhh, spring. Just the word brings me hope!

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

There was a doll house at Grandma's that I loved beyond words. Later, we got some very fancy furniture for it and I loved arranging it. In a parallel life, I would be a decorator. Have a lovely day!

Mimi said...

Funny, I never thought of winter in terms of spring following on her heels! I like winter too, cos that's the season of Christmas and cos there's some hope (maybe?) of snow (sorry Stephanie, I know you don't like it!). I hate autumn, but might use your philosophy...winter is following.
I love cookery programmes too, on the odd occasion that i watch tv.
Hope you had a good piano lesson, i'm off to band in a little while!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I love love love cookery (you know this already) but I would rather watch some really good dancing. Watching food shows just makes me hungry! :)


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