Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wah!  Whose idea was this?

I'm glad I'm going to visit Patrice and everybody who's sittin' on the porch today.  Sure wouldn't be doing that visiting on our deck.  This was my view when I woke up.  So, I'm just grabbing my knitting and running.  Oh, I forgot...back to get some carrots for Wendell.

Whew! Made it...what have I missed?

What did you have for breakfast this morning? I had fruit juice, a bowl of yogurt with a chopped pear then topped with flax seed, sliced almonds and cinnamon.  And a cup of nice hot tea.  

What's your favorite kind of juice?  My favorite is mango-pineapple juice with  some veggie juices mixed in.  

 Have you tried Pinterest yet?  Nope.  Haven't even looked.  My addictive brain can only handle so much. 

I can't wait for __________ from my garden (or farmers' market/CSA/neighbor with green thumb). Fresh tomatoes...warm from the sunny garden.  That's the very best way to eat a tomato.  Unfortunately, it's not one of the early producers so I'll have to be patient.

The worst job I ever had was __________________.  I've never had a job that I would describe as the worst.  The fact that I had to show up for work even when I didn't want to was about as bad as it ever got.  I always enjoyed my work whatever it was.  I've had quite a few jobs but no worst.  

Thank you, Patrice,  for hosting this morning.  If you'd like to visit just hop on over to Everyday Rurality.

Me?  I'm still looking at this view.  And it is still coming down.


Cathy Kennedy said...

I must say, your weather is certainly different from ours. We're in the midst of spring-like storms and high winds. It's just craziness! Your photos are so lovely, though, but I'm glad we don't have any of that white stuff laying around here.

Ginny said...

It's really beautiful! Are you getting any ice?

EmptyNester said...

I want that view!!! I'm so jealous! We're still in the 70s which sucks because winter is my break from all the heat down here. I'm hoping we get more than tomatoes and peppers from the garden this year. But I am really looking forward to the cherry tomatoes! Love those!

Maria said...

sometimes I think we should change houses. The kids would be loving the snow. It came down here, but didn't stick.

Mimi said...

Want it, want it, want it!( stamps foot)
Please wave a magic wand and send it over here, cos I know you don't even like it!
I feel the same as you about the jobs I've had, all were fine and at waorst I had to turn up when I didn't want to.
Your breakfast sound so yummy and so healthy! It's bedtime (or past it!) here, and I wouldn't mind having breakfast before I go to bed! We used to do that when young and out late at night, to save time in the morning!!

Patrice said...

I'm afraid that our snow came down as rain today. Lots of rain.They say every inch of snow= 1/10 inch of rain. We had an inch of rain, so that would have been a whole lot of snow!We grow tomatoes for our customers. Last year we had 700 tomato plants.The year before we had 1200, but it was insane just trying to keep them picked. Workers are very hard to find in this area. Too many "dry cleaned shirts" for that type of work. You are so fortunate to have only had good jobs. I think I had all of the bad ones for you. Wendell was so impressed that you would go back for carrots. I juiced a few carrots today. I'm surprised he didn't show up in the kitchen! Have a great rest of the week!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Looks like perfect knitting weather!! I'm impressed that you always enjoyed your work. I can't think of a bad one either. ;)

Thank you for your words of wisdom. blessings ~ tanna

Annie said...

So you couldn't get out. Too bad. Be sure to stay warm.

Breakfast - haven't eaten yet
Juice - Mango and tropical mixtures
Pinterest - nope
Worst job - working for a building contract followed by a short stint at the county courthouse.

Farm Girl said...

I finally had some time to visit today. It feels like so long since I got to pop in for a visit. The snow looks so pretty. Yep, I miss those tomatoes in the warm garden too.

Rudee said...

Wow! I think Mother Nature just played an April Fool's Day trick on you one month early.

The wind is blowing hard here, but we totally missed the snow.


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