Friday, February 24, 2012

We found them!

Yesterday we went seeking the snowy owls.  It could have been an easy drive from here to there but why make it so?

I had read about these visitors from the north and the reports indicated that they were in a couple of places.  So, I set out to the place I knew best how to get to.  It was  lovely day for a drive in the pre-spring sunshine and I set out confidently.  The first place was a beautiful nature park with lots of walking trails and oodles of hawks hovering over the fields of cat-tails.  But where were the crowds of people we had heard were jostling each other for camera space ?  Sadly, no owls. 

Climbing a lookout to see farther, I overheard a couple's conversation below ,me. We weren't the only ones in the wrong place.  So, armed with the new knowledge, we hurried off.  Walking out along a dyke road, we thought we were going to be lucky.  There were a few more people but aside from huge beds of eelgrass and screaming gulls we saw nothing but beach and sky. 

Off to lunch, feeling let down.  Of course, food is strengthening and we soon were back on track.  We had one more place to look.  As is always the case with lost objects:  it's the last place you look that brings success!  There so many cars parked here - it was like a fairground - we knew before we got to the end of the road that this was THE place!  I think that the camera folk outnumbered the owls.  There were point-and-clicks,  phone cameras and middle of the road numbers like ours.  But mostly, there were serious photographers and birders with humongous lenses weighing heavily on their shoulders.  Scopes and tripods were everywhere. 

 We tried to get photos of more than one bird at a time but they spread themselves out too much.  And they also don't want to look at you unless your camera is in its case.   Most of the photos are of their backs.  These are huge birds - about two feet tall - and when they spread their wings in flight it's a marvellous sight.  They shine so white in the sun.  I love their feathery feet, don't you? 

Our rare play day was well worth it.  Fresh air, sunshine, beautiful birds, friends and a long drive for me.  Doesn't get much better. 


Paws on the Run said...

I'm so jealous. That must have been amazing!!!!

Joyful said...


Rudee said...

Lucky you! I saw one once in my very urban back yard a few years back. I thought I was seeing things and needed proof, but by the time I found my camera, it had moved. We'd had a very snowy season that year--nothing like this green winter.

fabricfan said...

That was amazing. I didn't know that they were so large.

Emille said...

Glad you went more time! Had the same ezperience. And your pics of the snowy own were worth it!!


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